Over the last few weeks I have been watching a really interested UK TV programme called ‘The Secrets of Your Food’. The series is hosted by medical doctor Michael Mosley and botanist James Wong. Essentially it explores the physics, chemistry and biology behind our favourite foods. In one episode the main theme is chocolate and how it targets pleasure receptors in our brains. For me it isn’t surprising at all that universally people are absolutely obsessed with this gourmet confectionary indulgence. » Read more

Generally, the watch industry has massively slowed down over the last few years. When I visited Baselworld in 2015 the consensus at that time was that the Apple watch and similar devices like Fitbit, Garmin etc. wouldn’t really have an impact. However, it clearly has and there are reports from credible sources that collectors are selling their pride and joy just to stay connected. It seems that to a lot of people counting their steps and monitoring sleep patterns is more important than wearing a beautiful timepiece. Certainly, I am not inclined to move in that direction because I love Swiss mechanical watches. » Read more

Originally when I thought of the concept for ‘Art of the Australian Chocolatier’ I was only going to publish one article. However, I have been massively overwhelmed by  the amount of craft producers in Australia. It has also increased my appreciation of fine handmade chocolate exponentially. In fact, it would be hard for me to appreciate large scale manufactured confectionary in the future. » Read more

For years I have written about horology and am fascinated by the mechanical engineering that powers these watches. Certainly if you can afford to buy Haute Horlogerie you can get something pretty extraordinary. Even if the brands don’t actually manufacture the calibers in house (which is mostly the case) they are completely exclusive. However, for most people (including myself) these prices are beyond the realms of possibility. This is why I feel micro brands like RPaige, Vortic, Torsten Nagengast and Angular Momentum have triumphed. Rather than use an off the shelf ETA movement they have opted to use vintage mechanisms instead. In my opinion this shrewd decision has yielded some pretty decent results. » Read more