Last year I became a citizen of Australia and feel very privileged to live in this glorious country. However, I do miss the United Kingdom and in particular its proximity to Europe. There was a time when our son (now 8 years old) was a baby and went on several cruises. Probably the highlight for me was a 7-day Scandinavian trip which embarked at places like Amsterdam, Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm. As an avid fan of Danish and Swedish dramas, I was very keen to visit these locations. Certainly, they exceeded my expectations and in my opinion were the epitome of style. That is why it is no surprise there are a lot of exciting brands like Pauli Caspieri emerging from this region. » Read more

Like most people I really love my holidays and in particular spending time with my family. There are so many places I would love to visit overseas and in Australia. That is why I really enjoy searching the internet for ideal destinations. Some of the accommodation on offer is absolutely spectacular. In fact, clients are now commissioning prominent architects to create these havens. A great example is Casa Kimball, which was conceived by Rangr Studio. » Read more

Everyday rain, shine, wind or hail I follow the same routine of walking 10km round our local lake. Normally this activity takes around an hour and I tend to see the same familiar faces. Interestingly, the age range varies dramatically from teenagers to octogenarians all going at their own pace. Recently I have befriended a new arrival to the area, whose main residence is a farm in rural South Australia. Essentially he is from a culture where eating no processed and preservative food is a way of life. That is why he was fascinated to find out that I write about many artisan food brands. Certainly, this amazing country has an abundance of craft producers including Queensland based business Proteco Oils. » Read more

As an author/writer, I am always looking for new and exciting projects to sink my teeth into. Even when I devise an interesting concept it might not always appeal to my publisher. Sometime they might like the subject a lot but feel it will not resonate with their target market. Unfortunately, that is the reality of life and financial viability is sometimes integral to the success of a project. The same parallel can be made in the highly competitive world of horology. I have spoken with many brands who have created extraordinary timepieces but the figures simply do not stack up. Fortunately, Switzerland based company Gorilla Watches has managed to find that even balance. » Read more