Recently my brother in law has taken delivery of his new Tesla Model S P100. This phenomenal car out performed the Porsche 911 Turbo S and bulleted from 0-60mph in an earth shattering time of 2.27 seconds. There is no doubt this vehicle is an incredible feat of engineering and reasonably priced (at around USD $150,000). However, due to the fact that it is entirely electric, drivers won’t experience the exhilarating roar of the engine normally found in other supercars. These are the kind of emotions and spirit that inspire watchmakers like Azimuth to design automotive themed timepieces. » Read more

For the last few years I have bought protein and energy bars from my local supermarket. Even though they taste pretty good there are a lot of ingredients and additives that I was particularly not keen on. Ultimately, this gave me the incentive to start producing my own handmade bars. Using only seeds, nuts, organic sultanas, organic dark chocolate (normally 85% cacao) and organic rice malt syrup, I achieved some pretty decent results. The only problem is that the outcome varied from batch to batch and that isn’t acceptable in the commercial environment. » Read more

A few years ago I visited Perth with my family and was really impressed with the overall experience. Even though this region is in a completely different time zone compared to rest of Australia and is fairly remote it has a distinct air of opulence. Ultimately this is due to the mining boom, which has attracted a lot of investment in Western Australia. Essentially this has pushed the cost of living and house prices up to near the level of Sydney. It has also meant that architects are not restricted by tight client budgets and can create supreme properties without compromise. A great example can be found in the ultra extravagant Trigg Residence. » Read more

As I mentioned in my recent ‘Baselworld Highlights 2017’ article I was unable to attend the show this year. It is a massive shame because it is a totally enchanting experience. When I visited the fair a couple of years ago I was amazed at the level of creativity and amount of diversity. Sure there is a huge corporate element, which is especially visible in Hall 1. However, once you visit the peripheral halls and neighboring Ramada Hotel it is a truly different story. Ultimately, these designers and craftsmen are completely committed to the art of fine watchmaking. A perfect example can be found in Jean-Marie Schaller who is the owner/founder of the brand Louis Moinet. » Read more