Recently I wrote a review of a fantastic holiday home located in the picturesque town of Dover, Tasmania (Australia) called Quarry Hill Lookout. The home wasn’t excessively large or expensive to build but illustrated how you could achieve something special without breaking the bank. At the other end of the scale MGA Architects are really pushing the boundaries of modern design and work for discerning clients who haven’t got monetary restrictions. One of their finest accomplishments is a residence in Battery Point, Hobart. » Read more

With Baselworld 2017 rapidly approaching there seems to a frenzy of marketing activity from watch brands. To appreciate the true spectacle of this event you really have to see it first hand. In ??Hall larger corporates like Swatch, Rolex, LVMH install massive boutique style booths. Due to the scale and cost of these structures (which probably run into the millions) it is hard to grasp that they are only there on a temporary basis. Nevertheless, for a lot of companies this is the most important marketing opportunity of the year. Therefore, it is crucial they use every dollar to the maximum effect. In contrast there are many smaller labels displaying new timepieces. A great example is British based watchmaker Thomas Earnshaw. » Read more

As much as I love my work and feel privileged enough to write about exceptional design I also really look forward to enjoying holidays with my family. My wife is a senior doctor and sometimes her occupation can be very challenging. Her speciality is also very stressful so it is good to find a vacation that offers some form of relaxation. Saying that we enjoy activities such as nature walks, food foraging and absorbing stunning scenery. This is why Tasmania seemed like a really attractive proposition because it offers this in abundance. The weather in summer is also a lot milder than many of Australia’s other states. » Read more

Generally, I try and avoid mentioning the politics of the watch industry because there are enough bloggers commenting on this issue. However, due to the significant amount of redundancies it is hard to ignore the elephant in the room. In some respects it doesn’t surprise me because brands have made huge profits for years. Ultimately, as much as I love fine timepieces they are essentially a luxury item and not a necessity. Saying that though a beautiful dress watch at the right price can be the perfect finishing touch to a gentleman’s outfit. That is why I was intrigued to discover a company called Van Brauge who create high quality timepieces at affordable prices. » Read more