Recently we booked a holiday in the picturesque region of the Byron Bay Hinterlands. Unfortunately, due to (both myself and wife’s) work commitments we had to cancel the trip. To compensate for this, I decided to write several articles entitled ‘Byron Bay Craft Food (Beverage) Producers’. Originally I was only going to publish one article featuring around 5 companies. However, due to the abundance of gourmet micro brands in this region it expanded into a series of three. One of the businesses featured is called 2die4 Live Foods and they definitely live up to their name. » Read more

Recently I completed my 5th book for a renowned publisher about independent watchmakers. Most of the selections were exceptionally high end and in many cases bespoke 1/1 creations. However, I was able to include a few affordable options and even was fortunate enough to present my ‘Pure Carbon’. This timepiece took over two years to develop and I had to call in quite a few favours. In fact, without the assistance of Ben Birkett (watchmaker/restoration expert) there is no way this project would ever have materialized. This experience certainly is humbling because I can now appreciate how difficult it is to deliver a unique watch to the market. Sure there are many mass produced generic Chinese (Rolex inspired models) widely available. However, if you want something truly special at a realistic price then a designer like Mark Carson has the answer. » Read more

In the last few years I have been very privileged to work with some highly professional publishers and editors. They have given me enormous creative autonomy and allowed me to develop unique book concepts. Recently I have finished a book about independent watchmakers featuring 60 exclusive brands. The foreword is exceptionally detailed and includes my personal experience creating unique watches like the Polaris and Pure Carbon. I wanted to share these insights with readers to illustrate the many challenges involved. Certainly without the enormous generosity of craftsmen like Frank Heydrich, Ben Birkett, Thomas Mond and Ingomar Gaksch my project would never have materialized.

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In my youth I really wasn’t that discerning about what went into my stomach. In fact, during my university years I frequented many fast food joints and consumed huge volumes of processed food. Ultimately I viewed this as a right of passage and was pretty complacent about the whole affair. The fact, I suffered from bouts of acne, lack of concentration and bloating didn’t seem to bother me. However, as a 50 year old father of an eight year old I strive to upkeep my general health and well being as an integral part of my life.

As I a writer, looking for interesting and unique content is a crucial part of my job. I also love fine food and in particular unprocessed products with natural ingredients. That is why the topic of Mānuka honey really fascinates me. Originally this variety of honey was introduced to Australia (Tasmania) and New Zealand by European bees. In New Zealand (where most of the honey is manufactured) regulations about labelling are very stringent. Essentially 70% of the overall pollen content should come from the Mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). Here are a range of small craft producers that create the highest grade and most delicious variety of Mānuka honey available on the market. » Read more