Over the last few months I have been doing extensive research for a book about dark chocolate. Prior to this project I would have considered Swiss or Belgian made as the world’s best. However, I now appreciate that there are several other geographic regions that are producing amazing products. There is also a prestigious global award ceremony (International Chocolate Awards) that honours their talents. One of the techniques that seems very popular with the judges is called ‘Bean to Bar’. Normally this involves roasting and grinding beans then adding raw cane sugar (or another organic natural sweetener). Certainly this movement is big in the United States as you would expect. However, within Asia there are numerous companies that are yielding some really exciting results. Here are four micro craft brands that I would highly recommend.

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As well as writing books and articles for my website and international magazines I also love designing watches. Originally my first prototype called the Polaris was an experiment to get a clearer insight of how the watch industry works. However, it now has become more of a passion and I have recently completed my second timepiece. This more radical piece will be featured on Total Design Reviews in the very near future. » Read more

Recently I have been working on a very exciting book project about Australian architecture featuring a diverse range of projects. The original idea was devised by myself and co author (editor) Cheryl who is based in Pennsylvania. She has always been fascinated by innovative building designs and especially from this region. Essentially the concept focuses on great architecture rather than famous architects. This means that the selections were all based entirely on merit. One of the fantastic residential properties featured in this book is Fredrichstrasse House by Troppo Architecture. » Read more

Over the last 6 months I have been working on a diverse range of projects including a book about independent watchmakers. From the very outset (when I first established my website) I have always been captivated by this subject. The world of horology is an ever changing landscape that has recently experienced a financial down turn. Certainly devices like the Apple watch (smart technology in general) has had an impact but they are not the only factor involved. Essentially beautifully crafted timepieces are considered a luxury and not a necessity. However, for me wearing a striking watch is part of my DNA so I would always make this investment. » Read more