Generally, I am not a huge fan of rugby per-se even though many of my Yorkshire born relatives are fanatics. However, after England triumphed over the ‘All Blacks’ (New Zealand) in the world cup semi-finals, I felt they had a good shot at the title. As it transpired they were thrashed by a dominant South African team 32-12. I am sure this victory would have delighted Wayne McCay who grew up in Durban and now resides in Perth, Western Australia. Recently, Wayne contacted me to inform me of his new micro brand called Duzu and the launch of their distinctive F-35 watch. » Read more

Recently I have been seriously considering returning back to University to do an Honours (Masters) or PhD in industrial design. Over the last few years and in conjunction with several books I have written this subject has become highly appealing. I conveyed these thoughts to a few tutors and they connected me with some local talent. Even though Australia hasn’t really exploited the luxury market there are some innovators in this region. For example, Lee Gray established a high-end audio company called Kyron, which he has successfully globalised. When we met recently I told him about a visionary mechanical engineer called Paolo Mastrogiuseppe. This creative powerhouse invents the most extraordinary Espresso machines and is an inspiration to aspiring designers. » Read more

In March 2015 I attended Baselword and I had the opportunity to speak with many of my watchmaking heroes. Many were using different carbon composites and achieving some very positive results. This material was becoming increasingly popular because of its texture and lightweight qualities. After the show had ended I visited a manufacturing company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland to discuss a unique project. I had just created my own bespoke timepiece and had aspirations to develop a second. This company specialises in carbon watches and were experimenting with luminous technology. However, to produce a prototype was going they quoted around $15,000, which simply wasn’t viable. Fast forward a few years and I finally achieved my goal of creating the ‘Pure Carbon’. » Read more

They always say that “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” or at least Carol Channing did in the 1949 Broadway musical production of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. To a certain extent, this is true and especially in the world of horology. However, as well as preferring blondes, gentlemen are also gravitating towards fine timepieces that are garnished with diamonds. Definitely Rolex produce some wonderful watches that are designed for connoisseurs and ‘Bob’s watches offer a fantastic selection.

A lot of people probably ask the question “Why Do Diamond Rolex Watches Cost So Much”? The simple answer is that Rolex is totally uncompromising in their production standards. Therefore, they employ the finest in-house gemmologists and gem-setters to ensure is perfectly finished. Each stone is meticulously inspected by these expert craftsmen to ensure the customer is exceptionally happy with the finished result. Here are some fine examples to illustrate this point. » Read more