It is fair to say that over the last few years I have become a lot more health conscious. Maybe it is a mid-life crisis (as I turned 50 last year) or that fatherhood has had a profound effect on my lifestyle. When I was at University in the 1980’s processed food was cheap and abundant. Therefore, like most students, I indulged in carbs, saturated fat, and sugars. Mixed with alcohol it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain why I felt sluggish and fatigued. Fortunately, I saw the light and now am a lot more discerning when it comes to my dietary requirements. This really was the catalyst for writing a book about dark chocolate (scheduled for early 2019). » Read more

Presently my wife and I have completely opposing views of where to send our eight-year-old to school. She wants to send him one of Adelaide’s most prestigious city based establishments, which focus on academia. Certainly, I want the best for my son Paolo but feel he might flourish at one the private schools in the suburbs. In fact, my preferred choice has a suburb music programme and sports facilities. As well as being a natural tennis player Paolo also is very interested in design and particularly cars. This is an area we bond because I write about many automotive-inspired timepieces including the superb new G5 from US brand Giorgio Piola. » Read more

Prior to being diagnosed with Coeliac disease a few years ago, I was pretty fanatical about bread. Whilst I was at University in the late 1980’s this high carb food was probably my staple. In fact, I devoured literally half a loaf every meal time and massively enjoyed the experience. At this stage (due to youthful naivety) I didn’t worry about bloating, stomach cramps and constant fatigue. Now in my early fifties, I am much more discerning about my diet. Ultimately this became the catalyst for reading several health books and promoting like-minded brands. A great example can be found in Queensland based company Herman Brot. » Read more

Recently I was discussing design with a progressive local (Adelaide based) architect called Luke Jones from C4 Architects. Working for a broad spectrum of clients (with massively different budgets) it is integral they arrive at the best solution. Ultimately where costs are a serious consideration (the majority of cases) involves a huge amount of creatively to achieve the optimum aesthetic. Certainly, bespoke details can transform a project from a generic box into something much more special. The same can be said about watchmaking and especially in the current climate. » Read more