Even though Australia is a comparatively expensive country to live in there are certain advantages. For example, mobile phone plans are phenomenally competitive and this enables me to frequently call the UK. Recently I spoke with one of my best friends in England and told her about a series of forthcoming articles I am writing entitled The ‘Magnificent Taste of Mānuka Honey’. Amazingly she had never heard of this variety of honey which is exceptionally popular in Australia and New Zealand. However, now that I have explained what makes this product so special she is seriously interested.

Up until very recently I had only tasted a few varieties of Manuka honey and probably (like most novices) thought it all had a similar flavour. However, I have been massively surprised at the range of different floral flavour profiles available. Here are five more New Zealand based companies that perfectly illustrate this point.   » Read more

As many of my loyal readers will know I originally started a website called Total Watch Reviews (a few years ago) and wrote several articles about fine timepieces. At this stage I also spoke with many independent watchmakers, which inspired me to design my own watches. In the process, a mutual acquaintance introduced me to a specialist watch strap maker called Matt Wallace. We instantly hit it off and he subsequently crafted me a bespoke strap from South Australian Snapper (featured on my Polaris). However, this is just a sideline for Matt as his core business is wine retailing. » Read more

Over the last few years I have developed three unique timepieces that have been entirely custom made. Originally I created a prototype watch based on a clock by famous industrial designer George Nelson. The project was very complex and only materialized because of the kind assistance of Frank Heydrich. Initially my plan was to produce a limited run but as the climate of the watch industry dramatically altered (downwards spiral) I massively changed my views. Certainly a lot of energy, effort and talent is involved in establishing a successful watch brand. Fortunately, Sébastien Muller has these attributes in abundance. » Read more

When we originally relocated as family to Adelaide we befriended a recently retired couple in their early sixties. On numerous occasions we shared a meal and conversations with them. We had a lot in common because we were all British Nationals. However, as they had grown up sons living in Melbourne it was inevitable that they would eventually leave. Sadly, the day came quicker than expected and they made the move to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. This spectacular region is located in the state of Victoria, which is also home to Bass & Flinders Distillery. » Read more