There is no doubt that in my mind that relocating from the UK to Australia five years ago was a fantastic move. Originally the primary motivators were a great employment opportunity for my wife and the promise of a better future for our son (who at the time was 2 years old). However, we have all reaped the rewards from this beautiful country and are very proud to be citizens. » Read more

Approximately 30 years ago when I was studying art at Manchester University the world wasn’t full of digital devices or even computers of any type. Therefore, to a certain extent as an artist you only really experienced the work of other students on the same course. Occasionally renowned artists visited with their portfolios and did talks. There were always libraries with an abundance of historical material to use as reference and art galleries. Nowadays the world has made many technological advances, which gives access to artists all around the world. As a painter this resource is a valuable asset but can also be disheartening because the standard is so high. A great example can be found in London based fine artist Craig Wylie. » Read more

Chocolate has always fascinated me and lately I have gravitated to much darker varieties. In fact, I now normally eat bars with at least 85% cocoa content. Recently, I wrote several articles about chocolate makers in Australia. Some of the micro brands I featured are so small they only sell via local markets. However, their products have really heightened my passion for this amazing craft. This is why I have become very intrigued in the manufacturing process and what differentiates it from supermarket confectionary. One person who has recently educated me is Marie Monmont owner of Wellington (New Zealand) based company Wildness. » Read more

When I emigrated to Australia 5 years ago from England with my family I could have never anticipated the constant feelings of euphoria. This country is simply amazing and the diversity never ceases to amaze me. For example, in South Australia the temperature is dry and very similar to Southern Spain. However, in the north the climate is very tropical and similar to parts of Asia. This is why I haven’t vacationed overseas for many years because paradise is virtually right on my doorstep. » Read more