A couple of years ago an artist called Rubèn Pàmies contacted me via Facebook to enquire whether I would be interested in writing about his work. At the time I was solely writing about timepieces and my website was called Total Watch Reviews. Recently I have changed the title to Total Design Reviews so I can write about a broader range of subjects like architecture, art, horology, design and technology.


Rubèn Pàmies lives and works in the picturesque region of Reus (Catalonia) Spain. His work has evolved over many years and was originally inspired by near death experience that he encountered as a child. What initially interested me about Rubèn Pàmies artwork was his use of discarded mechanical watch components. I love the idea of using reclaimed material and personally commissioned sculptures of this nature.


Rubèn Pàmies’ main collection called Kpavio primarily features skulls encrusted with various mechanical watch parts. Probably the most effective design (in my opinion) is the Pirate Time. This incredible creation is completely clad with 15,000 mechanical movements and took over 300 hours to complete. The attention to detail is meticulous and is visually unlike anything I have ever seen before. There are also some other interesting models to look out for in the Time, Revolution and Remember series. Certainly these sculptures will not appeal to everyone and opinions will definitely be divided. To be honest I am not sure if I would actually display an artwork like this in my house. However no one can dispute that these gothic creations are very interesting to look at.


For more information about Rubèn Pàmies and his highly original Kpavio collection visit his website: http://www.kpavio.com