In many of the world’s capital cities the volume of traffic is increasingly becoming a major problem. To combat this issue Governments are imposing congestion charges. Certainly this is a good revenue spinner but it also is a way of achieving a greener society. In fact councils are positively encouraging commuters to ditch their cars in favour of the humble bicycle.


In recent years many companies have developed a range of power assisted electronic bicycles. The problem is that some of these bikes look unsightly and are pretty heavy. However at the luxury end of the market some of the designs are pretty spectacular. Probably one of my favourite creations is German bike maker PG’s sublime Bugatti Bike.


Bike enthusiasts Manuel Ostner and Claus Fischer established PG approximately 12 years ago in 2004. Within a relatively short space of time they have created some pretty exceptional range of E-Bikes including the Black Trail and Black Block. This has attracted the attention of numerous celebrities like Orlando Bloom, Lady Gaga and Bryan Adams.


The Bugatti Bike is their latest offering and is a collaboration with the luxury supercar manufacturer. Even though the design is pretty simplistic (compared to the Veyron) the bike is exceptionally sophisticated and lightweight. In fact due to use of materials like carbon, titanium and aluminium, this bicycle weighs less than 5 kilograms. Ultimately this makes it the lightest urban bike in the world.


As you expect all this exclusive style and cutting edge technology doesn’t come cheap. If you want to buy one of these marvellous limited edition E-Bikes (667 units) it will cost you in the region of €35,000 ($38,989) for the base model.