I’ve always had a passion for interior design and bespoke furniture. Over the last few years I have worked with many developers and consulted them on how to stage their properties. Personally I favour an eclectic mix because I feel it adds more depth and interest. Combing a range of different colours and textures also is aesthetically pleasing. So many homes I have visited have played it safe and opted for neutral almost generic schemes. I am not saying there is anything particularly wrong with this approach but I feel it pays dividends to be more adventurous.


A few weeks ago I discovered the talents of Robert van Embricqs via a post on LinkedIn. His work combines innovative art with everyday functionality. With accommodation costing all time high premium in most provincial cities designers are be challenged to create space saving solutions. Ultimately this is much more difficult than it seems, especially if you want the product to look good. Certainly Robert van Embricqs has achieved this with his award winning range of Rising furniture.


Essentially what Robert van Embricqs has created is furniture that can be stored very easily when it is not in use. The Rising Table miraculously transforms from a sheet of wood into a beautiful dining solution. This is achieved by combining several calibrated bamboo beams, which open effortlessly and form a solid structure. What is more impressive is the table has an enormous amount of design integrity and would be an asset in anyone’s home. Dimensionally it also won’t be too imposing because it only measures 44.9” x 44.9” x H 11.8”.


Within the range there is also a side table, chair and pendant light. I personally would purchase these products because I really love the aesthetic. It is pertinent to mention that as well as creating contemporary furniture Robert van Embricqs is also working on many other progressive industrial designs.