Over the last few years I have had a renewed interest in contemporary art and modern design. Primarily because I now have a son called Paolo who is showing creative inclinations. At Easter time I decided to take Paolo to Adelaide’s central gallery. I heard that as well as exhibiting many classical pieces of art they also had some very unusual installations. Not surprisingly he was captivated by the digital animated screenings rather than the traditional oil paintings. However, there is artwork to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences in one space.


Just as we were leaving the gallery I noticed a wonderful piece of furniture by Australian designer, Marc Newson called the Lockheed Lounge. Even though Marc grew up in Sydney he is now based in London. I have been an admirer of his work for years, especially his collaboration with watch brand Ikepod. These timepieces are futuristic in appearance and unlike anything else on the market. Interestingly a couple of years ago I met a prominent architect and TV presenter who said these were his ideal watches.


As well as developing watches for renowned brands, Marc also has created some exquisite pieces of furniture. The Lockheed Lounge I referred to earlier was created many years ago in 1987. However, due to the quality and integrity of the design the piece hasn’t dated at all. In fact, the futuristic façade is just as relevant today as it was 29 years ago when it was initially conceived.


What makes the Lockheed Lounge so distinctive is the choice of materials used in manufacture. Marc has started of with a specially designed fibre glass frame and meticulously wrapped it with layers of highly polished aluminium. This gives the piece a sensational, almost sculptural appearance. I don’t know how practical or comfortable this seat would be in a modern family environment. Essentially this is where the lines blur between art and functionality.