As I have mentioned in several articles I have never experienced the sensation of riding on a motor bike nor have I any desire to do so in the near future. However, I can really appreciate the time, effort and research involved in building these magnificent machines. Certainly the custom made bikes have a sculptural appearance and are built by some of the worlds finest craftsmen. This is why motoring enthusiasts will pay enormous amount of money to collect them. From a writer’s perspective the design process is also fascinating to write about.


Previously I have written articles about ArtyA’s phenomenal Silver Ufo motorcycle and the creations of British manufacturer Auto Fabrica. Recently I discovered another company called Thunderbike that are situated in Hamminkeln, Germany. The business is the brainchild of Andreas Bergerforth and specializes in customizing Harley Davidson bikes. However, we are not talking about a re-spray but a complete transformation. This is why the company now has many satisfied global customers. One of my favorites is the sensational Unbreakable motorcycle.


From a design point of view, the Unbreakable motorcycle is an absolute work of art. This bike is definitely designed for the most discerning clients, who appreciate the finest things in life. That is why the Unbreakable was awarded the coveted Best Custom & Best in Show award at Arneitz. Aesthetically the vehicle has a wonderful ‘Art Deco’ appearance and the level of detail is meticulous. Due to the fact that many of the elements are unpainted and exposed there is no room for error. In my opinion this is a showpiece for collectors and in some ways even too good looking to ride.


The Unbreakable is powered by a 110cui 100 HP Screamin’ Eagle EFI H-D engine and took 6 months to handcraft. Certainly I am sure the fortunate owner will appreciate the blood, sweat and tears put into this project and enjoy the finished results for many years to come.