One of my great passions in life is watching a good movie. Rather than big blockbusters with extraordinary CGI (computer generated image) effects I gravitate towards smaller indie pictures. Without sounding too pretentious I am more interested in the narrative and quality of acting. This is why (when a friend recommended it) I rushed out to watch the Australian cult classic called The Castle. This iconic film features a working-class family from Melbourne who struggle to save their cherished family home from being demolished to allow infrastructural expansion. Even though I wouldn’t rate this as one of my favourite flicks I could relate to the overall message. Large or small we all consider our homes to be our sanctuaries and will do anything to protect them.

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Previously when I wrote entirely about watches the subject matter only resonated with a small minority. I absolutely love fine watchmaking but concede that not everyone shares the same passion. In contrast anything to do with homes and interiors stimulates instant interest. This is one area where consumers will spend the extra cash to get a product that meets their exact requirements. That is why exclusive designers like IL Hoon Roh have really capitalized.

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Over the last few months I have featured IL Hoon Roh’s Table Radiolaria Experiment 07 (R EX07) and Luno. Both these products blur the lines between art and furniture. However, in reality they are more Objet d’art than fully functional everyday pieces. The Vela fits into the same category and realistically is more of a design statement. Certainly the curvaceous forms of this sculptural bronze bench are very enticing. The attention to detail (in particular the flowing cloth effect) and the craftsmanship is also first rate. Though I am not sure if I would be comfortable curling up on it to watch TV at night time.

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The Vela measures (W)35cm x (L)210cm x (H)114cm and is limited to only 8 pieces.