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Art Robot Sculptures by +Brauer

In the last 30 years I have met several artists and been to numerous exhibitions. During my time at Manchester University many of my fellow students were developing their own styles. However, due to the precarious nature of art a lot of them decided to purse other more stable careers. The ones that survived probably had the most natural talent and resilience to survive in the industry. Ultimately they reignited my passion in art and prompted me to become a collector.

As well as procuring paintings and lithographs I also have commissioned several metal artists to create unique furniture. I am also massively interested in the concept of upcycling. In fact, I recently paid a friend to create a large fish sculpture made of discarded pieces of agricultural machinery. This is why I was delighted to receive a press release from a French Artist announcing his latest exhibition called ‘Art Robot Sculptures’ by +Brauer.

+Brauer (also known as Bruno Lefevre-Brauer) is a Parisian graphic designer who has produced covers for many high profile magazines. However, he nurtured a passion for sculpture and has created a range of sensational robots made from recycled parts. Even though the aesthetic of his creations are completely different to Hervé Stadelmann’s there is a symmetry in their work. For example, they are both inspired by the idea of revitalizing discarded industrial parts and turning them into beautiful artworks. It is also pertinent to mention that they also have exhibitions at Maximilian Büsser’s prestigious M.A.D. Gallery.

It is fair to say that +Brauer’s robot sculptures will only appeal to a small minority of collectors. However, I personally love them and if I had the finances would buy one like a shot. Probably the piece I would opt for is the interestingly named ‘Virgile’ but there are several other splendid artworks to choose from.

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