There is no doubt that in my mind that relocating from the UK to Australia five years ago was a fantastic move. Originally the primary motivators were a great employment opportunity for my wife and the promise of a better future for our son (who at the time was 2 years old). However, we have all reaped the rewards from this beautiful country and are very proud to be citizens.

Generally, people enquire why we decided to live in South Australia and in particular Adelaide. Amazingly people still perceive Adelaide as a sleepy town that is full of retirees. Certainly it hasn’t got the glitz or glamour of Sydney and Melbourne but it is considerably more affordable. Unless you have an unbelievable budget you will be forced out into the less salubrious suburbs of these provincial cities. Whereas in Adelaide on a decent professional income a house overlooking water is completely attainable. There are also other beautiful alternatives nestled in the Adelaide Hills with far reaching city vistas that won’t break the bank. A phenomenally great example is Sunnyside Drive designed by DC Architecture.

Approximately four years ago we were looking to purchase a house and looked at many different options. Eventually we settled on a great home overlooking a picturesque lake. However, had Sunnyside Drive been on the market at the time we would have given it serious consideration. At only 220 metres Square this dwelling is small compared to the average Australian home, (which are now the largest in the world) the design is extraordinary and appears much larger. It also occupies a steep plot that many architects refused to even contemplate building on. Fortunately, the owner Cherise Collins discovered the talents of Damian Campagnaro who wasn’t at all daunted by the project.

The concept of Sunnyside Drive evolves around Cherise Collins’ love for vintage cars. Ultimately she wanted a home where her classic 1965 Porsche took pride of place. In response to her brief Damian Campagnaro devised a modernistic one-bedroom capsule that is inspired by his favourite TV show Thunderbirds. To keep within budget Damian has clad the exterior with lightweight Zincalume, which also enhances the curvaceous façade. Internally the property is completely minimalistic, with white walls, floor to ceiling glazed panel and no internal doors.

Sure you would have to make sacrifices if you owned Sunnyside Drive and that would mean serious de-cluttering. However, I am sure you would have an immense amount of fun being the custodian of this radical home.