I have always loved chocolate and in the last few years have gravitated more towards darker varieties. In fact, as I have got older my tastes have radically changed and I now love red wine, espresso black coffee etc. This was the catalyst for writing articles about dark (dairy free) chocolate and shaping a book concept for this specialist subject. As my journey into the unique world of fine chocolate making has progressed my appreciation for this art has been elevated to a new level. The extraordinary products these artisans are crafting are absolutely delicious and the flavour combinations are completely unique. A great example can be found in Indian based company Earth Loaf.

To produce a unique book about dark chocolate has involved many hours of research. As well as featuring a mouth watering selection of products the general aesthetic of the book is also important. Earth Loaf combine both of these attributes to create a beautiful enticing treat that appeals to all the senses. The business is the brainchild of former cocktail bartender David Belo and yoga teacher Angelika Anangnostou. What they have established is a phenomenal micro brand which sources the finest organic Indian ingredients.

Certainly over the last few years’ consumers have become a lot more discerning about the food they eat. Personally I have eliminated virtually all processed food from my diet and feel considerably more energized as a result. This is why Earth Loaf’s gourmet chocolates really appeal to me because they are ‘Bean to Bar’. By this I mean David and Angelika buy cacao beans directly from local farmers and craft them into delicious treats. Some of the flavours like Tokai Coffee & Pineapple, Mango, Red Capsicum & Chili, Coconut, Ginger & Gondhoraj (Bengal lime) and Smoked Salt & Almond might sound unusual. However, in my opinion the balance of the ingredients combined with the density of the dark chocolate really works.

As well as producing a delectable dark chocolate Earth Loaf have also paid meticulous attention to the packaging. Truly when I received samples for this review I felt very privileged. Ultimately this isn’t a generic supermarket confectionary product but more of a gastronomic indulgence. That is why I would highly recommend this wonderful chocolate to anyone.

For more information about Earth Loaf and to buy their exquisite products follow this link