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Since I visited Baselworld in March 2015 there has been a massive change in the world of horology. Many of the companies I spoke with are no longer trading and even the larger groups are finding it very tough to survive. In fact, many of the corporate managers who at the time would wax lyrical about the health of the industry are now working in completely unrelated sectors. Even though the Apple watch has had impact, consumers also realized that they could get much better value for money. This is why there has been a massive emergence of small micro brands like EQVIS on the market.

Interestingly the company’s name of EQVIS is broken down into 3 components. The ‘E’ stands for emotion, ‘Q’ quality and ‘Vis’ denotes vision. I feel this abbreviation is very apt and signifies what owners/founders are trying to achieve. The business was originally created in 2012 when two good friends (Simon Schmid and Björn Matthiesen) joined forces. I originally became aware of EQVIS early this year (2017) just before they launched the Varius at Baselworld. My primary contact has always been with designer and co founder Simon Schmid. As well as creating beautiful watches he is an acclaimed typographic artist who has had his work featured in over 10 books.

The general concept of the Varius is that it is very adaptable. Ultimately the design gives the recipient the opportunity to interchange the bezels and dividers to suit their tastes. Even though the idea is pretty simple I feel it is very effective because of the variety combinations available. For example, there are several different styles, colours and materials on offer. Certainly my favourite has to be the industrial textured forged carbon version. Ultimately you can radically change the aesthetic and customize the timepiece at will. The strap also has a patented quick release system which continues the theme of flexibility.

Dimensionally the Varius has a well proportioned 45mm x 16.3mm Grade 5 titanium/316L stainless steel case that weigh in at 117grams. I haven’t personally worn this watch but would imagine it fits very comfortably on the wrist. Ultimately, this is down to the ultra stylish and ergonomic design. Certainly I can imagine this superlative timepiece having mass appeal because of quality features like sapphire crystal lens, open worked hour minute hands and minimalistic two layered dial. As a crowning glory the Varius is also powered by a premium 24-jewel Swiss made mechanical self winding movement.

Certainly as a designer it is always a refreshing change to see striking watches like the Varius launched on the market. For more information about this timepiece and EQVIS follow this link

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