Earlier this year we visited Tasmania for a well deserved vacation. The location we chose was Dover, which is the southernmost town in Australia. Our architect designed holiday home (Quarry Hill Lookout) also lived up to expectations because we enjoyed panoramic views of Esperance Bay from our balcony every morning. Certainly our holiday was an incredibly enjoyable experience and the food was sensational. In fact, we were so captivated by this region that we are spending Christmas there and also welcoming in the new year.

In general Tasmania is renowned for gourmet food and there are many exciting craft micro brands. A great example can be found in Blue Hills Honey who are based in the picturesque location of Mawbanna. The company has a history dating back to 1955 and was originally established by Rueben and Beryl Charles. Within a few years they rapidly expanded the business and were the first Australian firm to export honey to Japan. Fast forward to the present day and Blue Hills Honey is still thriving. Impressively the operation is still family owned by descendants Robbie and Nicola Charles who share the same passion for this delicious organic product.

Even though there is a lot of honey on the market the quality varies significantly. Blue Hills Honey are absolute perfectionists and strive to craft the highest quality product available. This why they have won many prestigious awards over the years including Worlds Best Leatherwood in 2011 and 2012. All of their mouth watering honey is harvested from some of the world’s most untouched regions. Tarkine, rainforest (located in the North Western tip of Tasmania) spans a geographic are of around 3,800 square kilometres (1,500 square miles). This connection to the natural environment really sets the company apart from other more commercial brands.

Certainly once you have tasted Blue Hills delectable products you will become an instant convert. Within the range there are many different enticing varieties including Tasmanian Manuka, Meadow, Blackberry, and Prickly Box. However, their mind blowing ‘Worlds Best’ Leatherwood Honey is a must for gastronomes. This ‘nectar from the gods’ is completely indigenous to Tasmania, which makes it even more exclusive.

For more information about Blue Hills Honey and what makes the company truly remarkable follow this link