As I have mentioned in previous articles, at age 50 health and well being have become a fundamental part of my life. However, this transition has only become a recent event and was due to being diagnosed with coeliac disease. Certainly as a university student I consumed more than my fair share of processed food. It was only years later when I watched documentaries like ‘Supersize Me’ (featuring Morgan Spurlock) that I realized the consequences of my actions. Interestingly author and Professor of Genetics Tim Spector conducted a similar scaled down experiment with his son Tom, for his Diet Myth book/TV series.

Like most university students Tom Spector was delighted when his father agreed to sponsor him to indulge in copious quantities of junk food. The challenge was to eat nothing but burgers, fries, chicken nuggets and drink Coke for 10 days. After the initial excitement faded Tom began to crave more organic raw foods like fruits and vegetables. This is the same experience many people recount on the Atkins diet. This illustrates perfectly why I have become so passionate about writing about nutritious non processed foods. The same ethos is shared by many of the owners of the brands I feature including Awni Aboulouz.

As a father of four Awni is conscious that his children eat a healthy diet. This is why he became the authorised Australian distributor for the Mujeza Company. They sell a really high grade active medical honey called Sidr. This exceptional honey is sourced from the ancient deep rooted Sidr tree (botanical name: Ziziphus Spina-Christi), which mainly grows in regions like India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan and extensively in Yemen. The tree has important historical value because King Suleiman and the Pharaohs used it to build palaces and temples with its wood .

Prior to writing this article I was not that familiar with Sidr Honey. However, after speaking with Awni Aboulouz he totally enlightened me to the medicinal value of this golden nectar. In a similar way to Manuka, Sidr has huge antibacterial properties and is very good for the digestive system. It also contains high levels of protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium. However, it also tastes phenomenally good and has a rich, dense texture.

Within the range Mujeza Company sell many interesting varieties of Sidr combined with ingredients like ginger, royal jelly and Green Propolis (which is a resinous mixture collected by bees from poplar and conifer trees). They also sell a rich Black Cumin Honey that tastes phenomenally good.

To buy these exquisite honeys and for more information about the company follow this link