When I started my art degree over 30-years ago in England life was massively different from what it is now. My specialty was Illustration and at the time Manchester Metropolitan University (formerly Manchester Polytechnic) offered the best course in the country. However, they had limited resources, which meant that students had to rely solely on traditional methods like drawing, painting, printing etc. Presently I still have a lot of friends who work in animation and they now use professional digital software (combined with these skills) to do the same job. They also need to send large graphics files globally and therefore rely on a fast reliable internet service.

As I have mentioned several times becoming an Australian citizen was one of the proudest days of my life. Living in South Australia is absolutely fantastic and we are exceptionally privileged. Our home is situated on a lake and therefore internet was restricted to one provider. Due to the location broadband speeds vary and that is why I was fascinated to hear about the Orbi WiFi System from tech giant Netgear. They claim that this innovative product can help deliver the fastest available Internet speeds. Very kindly the company sent me one of these fantastic devices to test at home.

The Orbi WiFi System is available in three different versions depending on the size of your home. I opted for the AC2200 because this model offers 280 square metres of coverage. Even though our house is around 370 square metres this includes the external patio, garage, balcony areas etc. which, we are unlikely to need a constant connection. Therefore, this amazing device caters to all our requirements and offers us comprehensive Tri-band technology. As I am a freelance global writer, designer and author the guarantee of stability is crucial to the success of my business.

Most people (including myself) are not massively tech savvy and so I was delighted this device was so easy to install. In the box, there is Orbi WiFi Router and Satellite. It is compatible with most service providers so you can enjoy the benefits of faster internet speeds virtually instantaneously. As an added bonus the design is aesthetically pleasing and obviously well considered. Therefore, this device won’t look obtrusive displayed in your designated living area.

For more technical details about the Orbi AC2200 WiFi System follow this link