A few days ago I watched one of my favourite TV programmes called ‘Grand Designs’. This incredibly entertaining show originally started in the UK but has now been franchised in Australia and presented by renowned architect Peter Maddison. In this particular episode (that aired in 2009) an entrepreneur had ambitious plans to build a contemporary masterpiece in the prestigious Sydney suburb of Cottage Point. Even though he created a phenomenal home for his family he couldn’t afford to reside there. Therefore, the outcome was bitter-sweet and a few years later the property sold for less than the actual build cost. This tale illustrates how crucial it is to have sufficient finances (from the outset) to realise your dreams. Fortunately, the owners of a magnificent residence (called Red Rocks) in Phoenix, Arizona didn’t have these issues.

Like most writer’s/authors inspiration now comes from social media platforms like Facebook and in particular LinkedIn. Essentially the latter is where I discovered this majestic home designed by accomplished architects ‘The Ranch Mine’. This established practice (headed by Cavin Costello) derives its name from the humble ranchers and miners that inhabit Arizona. Another reason I wanted to feature this property is my unique connection to Phoenix. My first Swiss mechanical watch the Polaris was co-design and handcrafted by Frank Heydrich who resides in this city.

At first glance ‘Red Rock’ is a pretty imposing example of exquisite modernistic architecture. However, this isn’t simply a new build but a phenomenal conversion on a grand scale. ‘The Ranch Mine’ have stripped the previous outdated (Spanish Colonial Revival style) dwelling back to its bare bones and created a masterpiece. Inclusions like the cantilevered second-floor extension with bi-folding doors are an absolute revelation. This feature allows the occupants access to a large shaded patio, which enjoys dramatic views and spectacular Arizona sunsets.

Internally ‘Red Rocks’ is totally uncompromising and clearly, there have been no budgetary issues. The neutral palette is minimalistic and that is reflected in the ingenious choice of materials. For example, the kitchen has white/walnut cabinetry with quartz work benches and marble tiles add a touch of opulence throughout. In other areas timber, concrete and glass have been utilised to great effect. Every aspect of this project has been well considered and ‘The Ranch Mine’ has created a highly aspirational home.