Like many people I fascinated with the astronomy and in particular stargazing. It is hard to conceive that (via powerful telescopes) we can see planets that are billions of light years away. Due to the sheer scale of the universe (which is still an unknown quantity), many of the visible stars don’t exist anymore. In fact, the beautiful picture we see in the sky is ultimately a snapshot of the past. This poses the question about life forms on different planets and how we can possibly estimate the probability. Literally, there are over a 100 billion galaxies (presently observable). Therefore, in the scheme of things we really are just minuscule grain in a vast desert of sand. However, on planet earth, we all have our personal challenges to overcome.

Being a writer/author I am exposed to all types of personalities who have very interesting and unique professions. For example, a friend of mine Ben Moore is a bee farmer who also has a very informative blog. He describes as a child his fascination with bees and how at 14 rather than opt for a conventional pet (cat, dog, goldfish etc.) saved up religiously to buy a hive. Fast forward 20-years and now Ben has nearly 200-hives and has turned a hobby into a viable occupation.

Mass produced honey has become a very contentious issue because of its origins and composition. Recently consumers have become more discerning about the provenance of their sweet nectar. Bees have been described by many philosophers as perfect living organisms. In fact, without these amazing pollinating invertebrates our planet would become devoid of food sources like fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. This scenario is a daunting fact and is very thought-provoking. That is why Ben offers informative educational programs to schools, early learning centres, and Kindergartens.

As well as producing a delicious range of delectable local honey also sells candles, soap, wooden beehives, clothing and even bees. Ben also offers a comprehensive bee and swarm removal service in the Melbourne area. Essentially this operation safely collects the bees without harming or killing them. In addition, the company can also eradicate European wasps normally within a 24-hour timeframe.

For more information about Ben’s Bees and the life of a passionate beekeeper/farmer follow this link