Over the last few years, I have really become more fascinated with contemporary design. Certainly, this has inspired me to write many books (luxury design, architecture, horology) about the topic and how it influences our lives. It also ignited a passion in me to create my own bespoke products like watches, leather jackets, and even kid’s scooters. I feel the overall experience has been very cathartic and is something I want to pursue more actively. Having an understanding of the challenges and obstacle involved (during the process) has enabled me to express these feelings in words. Ultimately this has helped me to relate to the brands I feature on Total Design Reviews.

A few years ago if a product was high quality and functioned adequately then the aesthetic was (to a degree) secondary. However, in the present world, all the stars need to align and consumers now expect top-notch design as well. This seismic change is largely credited to Apple who has devised some extraordinary minimalistic devices. Like a ripple, in the pond, other companies have responded accordingly. Certainly, this is clearly evident in the audio industry with brands like Beyerdynamic, Master & Dynamic, and Ruark all creating distinctive products. Another great example is Philadelphia based business Wren Sound Systems.

I first became aware of Wren Sound Systems on the popular business network platform LinkedIn. Their flagship V5US audio system was receiving an enormous traction because of its innovative design. This prompted me to contact the brainchild behind the company Mike Giffin. Interesting within Mike’s highly successful 35-year career he has encountered many advances in consumer sound system technology. Without a doubt, he has his finger on the pulse and definitely has not rested on his laurels. That is why he teamed up with acclaimed industrial designer Dan Ashcroft to create the V5US.

On the surface, the appearance of the V5US audio system looks pretty simplistic. However, Dan explained that the process involved virtually a hundred studies to arrive at a trapezoid shape with the curved spline side. This architectural form is encased in real wood veneers (rather than plastic) to achieve a superior finish. In my opinion, these organic materials enhance the overall acoustics and visual identity. Essentially this is a sound system that consumers will be proud to have on display.

Beneath the refined façade, Wren has equipped this system with the highest-quality electronic and acoustic components. For a wireless speaker (that supports AirPlay®, Play-Fi™, and Bluetooth®) of this caliber, the $499 retail price is great value. I was massively impressed with the rich, warm sound quality, which is exceptionally sophisticated. It is also pertinent to mention how easy this system is to operate from a smartphone or tablet. I personally own an iPhone 6s and connection was pretty much instantaneous. For that reason, I would highly recommend the V5US audio system to all music lovers.

For more information about Wren Sound Systems follow this link