A couple of months ago I underwent an operation to remove a DHS (Dynamic Hip Screw) from my Neck Femur. The titanium metalwork was very effective in the bone healing process but was now surplus to requirements. In fact, it had cantilevered over and was protruding through my leg causing significant pain. As part of my rehabilitation, I decided to join a gym to replace my daily walks. I also calibrated my diet to include a much higher dose of protein. The only problem was I didn’t want to consume too much meat and an excessive amount of nuts, seeds etc. (as well as high in calories) can result in high cholesterol. Therefore, I decided to do some research and explore a few different options. Here are a few products I would definitely recommend to keep you energised on a daily basis.

Herman Brot Protein Muesli

It is very difficult to find a nutritious energy-packed breakfast cereal that doesn’t contain an excessive amount of sugar and carbohydrates. However, after years of research Christian Coenen has found the magic formula. His company Herman Brot have developed an extremely high protein, low-calorie soy alternative that contains virtually no gluten. This amazing muesli is absolutely delicious and will keep from habitual snacking. With exciting flavours like Peanut Candy, Red Fruits and Chocolate it is hard to resist. Literally every morning (after the gym) I have devoured a generous bowl, which satisfies me for hours.

True Protein

One of the advantages of being a freelance writer and designer is the flexibility to spend time with my 9-year old son. He is exceptionally active and has really embraced the Australian lifestyle. Every day after school he needs refuelling to avoid those afternoon dips. That is why I normally make him a super smoothie crammed full of natural goodness. Previously I have tried many peanut butter powders as that is his favourite flavour. However, the best one by far is from a company called True Protein, who was founded by dynamic (surf-loving) brothers Ben and James Kierath. Their product contains only American finely ground peanuts and pack an impressive 49% protein.


As mentioned (in the introduction paragraph) I have recently changed my diet and in particular how many times a day I eat. Prior to my operation I survived on two meals a day and grazed on fruits at regular intervals. However, now I have joined a gym this has increased to three times. I find that a protein boost in the afternoon really stimulates me both mentally and physically. For the last few months, I have been testing various products from Victorian (Australia) based company AminoActive. They have an impressive portfolio of brands like MAX’S & Maxine’s who produce a range of supplements (protein powders, protein bars, or high protein drinks) designed for serious bodybuilders.