Over the last few years, I have become more passionate about stylish cars. Ultimately my increased interest has heightened, mainly because my son Paolo is absolutely fanatical about the subject. In fact, he helped me choose most of the selections in my ‘Luxury Design for Living’ book. However, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet (in my opinion) takes vehicle design to a completely different level. Parallels can be made within another creative powerhouse called Paolo Mastrogiuseppe who creates the most astonishing coffee machines under the brand name Super Veloce. A great example can be found in their phenomenal automotive inspired Espresso Veloce Flat Six.

Recently I published a review about Super Veloce’s highly extravagant Espresso Veloce Royale, which is a unique 1/1 piece. The Espresso Veloce Flat Six is also highly exclusive as you would expect from this amazing company. However, fortunately, in this instance, 993 discerning buyers will have the opportunity to own one of these units. Personally, I can envisage them selling quickly as they look absolutely phenomenal.

When I speak to different designers, artists and architects cite different influences that inspire their work. In Paolo Mastrogiuseppe’s case, the automotive and aviation industry holds the key. Without a doubt, the Espresso Veloce Flat Six pays homage to the Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. This formidable car was the last cooled engine produced by Porsche from 1994 – 1998. Certainly this latest piece of functional art from Super Veloce’s honours this vehicle in its entire glory. Measuring 480mm x 450mm x 385mm this half scale masterpiece has been created to adorn the world’s finest architectural homes.

Aesthetically speaking the Espresso Veloce Flat Six is instantly indefinable as one of Paolo Mastrogiuseppe’s creations. It is clear Paolo is a man with vision and that is reflected in his work. As I mentioned in numerous articles consumers desire well-designed products that they can proudly display. This exquisite espresso machine has been created to make a bold statement as well as a fantastic cup of coffee. Every aspect of the contraption has been engineered by master craftsmen to achieve absolute perfection. It is important to mention that no compromise has been made in the selection of high-quality materials like anodised aluminium (available in black, gold, grey and silver), 316L stainless steel, grade 304 titanium, and carbon fibre.

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