Over the last few months, I have been working fastidiously on my new graphic tablet. I decided to invest in this innovative device essentially to create more professional visuals for potential clients. Given the abundance of readily available Apps achieving positive results is pretty effortless. These digital paintings are also very quick to produce and submit electronically (unlike conventional pen drawings). This is why established illustrators like Gorgio Piola have transitioned to this medium, especially concerning watch design (for a brand of the same name).

The watch company Giorgio Piola is based in Miami, Florida (United States) and has several different watch collections. They have effectively employed their namesake to design these stylish timepieces. The majority of the watches are powered by a Swiss quartz movement, with the exception of the G5. For many reasons, this my personal favourite and I was pretty bowled over by the original limited edition model. Recently the company has unveiled two new distinctive versions in green and blue. Fortunately, I was able to get hold of a Blue G5 to appreciate the various refinements.

It is not often that I would review the same watch twice, however the G5 warrants it. Many exclusive watch brands are experimenting with different type of carbon composites but certainly not at this price point. Amazingly the G5 retails for $2,985, which is fantastic value for a forged carbon watch powered by a Swiss-made Valjoux 7750 mechanical chronograph movement. Therefore, when the new blue version arrived the gloss hadn’t faded at all. The timepiece is definitely as comfortable as I remember and finished results are even better.

On the first inspection, the façade of the Blue G5 is virtually identical to the original version. However, the colour change (black to blue) of the internal framework of the dial really gives the piece a whole new dynamic. Other modifications include fully drilled holes on the brake disc inspired titanium bezel and a sporty blue rubber strap.

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