A few years ago my taste in art was exceptionally conservative and I gravitated towards realism rather than modern art. This predates my ever increasing passion for contemporary architecture. To date, I have written three global books about this fascinating subject and am awestruck by many of the residences featured. It has also made me appreciate how large vibrant paintings can literally transform a space, internally and externally. For example, massive oversized graffiti works are having a renaissance period. One of the leading lights in this genre is Chilean Muralist Inti Castro. I became aware of his immense talent when driving in a local suburb called Port Adelaide.

In most provincial cities in the world, there are trendy areas that are being regenerated. Port Adelaide is a prime example and has an abundance of historical architecture. It is known as a creative vibrant hub and has several chic galleries, organic markets etc. Recently I discovered a phenomenal industrial style home (11, Warrawee Dock) that had recently sold in this area. After a bit of research, it became apparent this dwelling was something special and not surprisingly designed by a renowned architect (Salt Studio).

11, Warrawee Dock, is situated very close to water and within the commercial district of Port Adelaide. As you approach the property you are confronted by a formidable piece of artwork from the aforementioned Chilean Muralist Inti Castro. The front façade of the building is clad in timber and makes an exceptionally bold statement. Internally this multi-level home is reminiscent of an industrial New York Warehouse apartment and unlike anything else I’ve seen in South Australia.

If like me you appreciate, custom made design, then 11, Warrawee Dock will definitely hit the mark. Certainly, the décor won’t appeal to more conservative tastes but you have to admire the meticulous attention to detail. Every single aspect of this townhouse has been fastidiously considered to an incredible level. Highlights include bespoke kitchen/bathroom cabinets, solid wooden doors, specially commissioned carpets, cedar floorboards and an industrial steel staircase. Other features include plywood ceiling panels and commercial grade fans.