A few weeks ago I wrote a review about a very special watch from Dwiss called the RS1-SG. What made the article even more interesting is that this timepiece is a 2019 entry into the ‘Good Design Australia’ awards. This prompted me to find out more about the organisation and contact CEO Dr Brandon Gien. By coincidence, Dr Gien was attending a design forum in Adelaide the following week as a keynote speaker so I got to meet him in person. In his 15-minute presentation, he mentioned products that had really resonated with him. Interestingly his favourite was an innovative modular hearing aid called Facett.

So far in my capacity as a writer and author, I have normally focused on products in the luxury domain. Obviously, as my website suggests, design is an integral component of all my editorial content. However, when Dr Brandon Gien wax lyrical about the Facett, I felt compelled to feature it on Total Design Reviews. Essentially, this is a device that has been created to radically enhance hearing-impaired people’s lives.

For a lot of people, the notion of wearing a hearing aid is inconceivable. Even for those who have an impairment, there is a stigma at wearing a visibly noticeable device. There is also the practicality of installing new batteries, which can be fiddly and timely. The Facett addresses all these issues as this is a beautifully designed product that offers delivers a user-friendly solution. Certainly, I can see why this amazing modular hearing aid has won multiple design awards.

The Facett perfectly combines science, art and cutting technology. It also was government funded and was manufactured in Victoria, Australia. This sensational device offers enhanced digital listening (via IHearYou® system) on smartphones, tablets and computers. Not only does this product look aesthetically beautiful but it is also exceptionally easy to operate and recharge. Presently, the Facett is available in black, white, rose gold and silver.