One of my favourite pastimes is to explore South Australia’s most scenic coastal destinations. On this occasion, I and a friend decided to take a picnic to Hallett Cove. Even though this picturesque suburb is only 21km outside Adelaide CBD it feels like a completely different work. Unlike other beach resorts, Hallett Cove is best appreciated from the steep cliff tops. From this point you can hear the waves crashing, view dolphins swimming and take in dramatic sunsets. For that reason, it’s a favourite with British residents and a place I would love to build a bespoke home.


Over the last few years, I have become more passionate about contemporary architecture than at any previous stage in my life. That is why I take a keen interest in what is happening with geographic regions around the world. House ILL by INT2 is a great example of modernistic design and created to suit its environment. Situated 30km from the city of Riga, Latvia, the property occupies a generous plot with picturesque forest views. However, with an internal footprint of only 125 square metres, this dwelling is pretty small in the scheme of things.

Aesthetically is a modern twist on the humble forest log cabin. The building is divided into two separate parts (guest and main residence) by a concrete passageway. What makes this property so special is the Latvian timber façade with contrasting with anthracite roof panels. This organic theme is echoed inside with the use of materials like Latvian birch plywood clad walls and solid Douglas fir flooring. Other features include a bespoke fitted kitchen and stylish mosaic tiled bathroom. Overall the minimalistic composition is very effective and gives the illusion of space.

Certainly, if I was going to build a small house on a limited plot taking design cues from House ILL would be a great starting point.