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Abraham John Architects Villa in the Palms

Later this year my 6th book about Australian Architecture will be released worldwide. As I have mentioned before the project was commissioned by a Pennsylvania (United States) rather than a domestic one. Essentially my editor Cheryl (who’s also a renowned author) is fascinated with this region and the diverse landscape. Therefore, she wanted me to choose residences that adapt to their environment. The majority of my final selections are not multi-million dollar mansions but humble dwellings with an abundance of character. The same can be said about Abraham John Architects Villa in the Palms.

Over the last few years, I have written reviews about properties around the world. It fascinates me how architectural styles massively vary in these different regions. Many factors come into play like the climate, location and available materials. Villa in the Palms is located in Goa, which is a Western state of India. This vibrant tourist hotspot was formerly a Portuguese colony (until 1961) and is renowned for its beautiful beaches. On two separate occasions have visited this popular destination and have exceptionally fond memories of the experience.

Villa in the Palms was constructed between 2016-2018 and is situated in the village of Sangolda in the Bardez sub-district, North Goa. Impressively the property won an architecture master prize in 2018 (residential category) and was a recipient of International Property Awards, Asia Pacific 2018. Certainly, I can see why this incredible residence has received so much critical attention.

Villa in the Palms was devised by Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Niranjan Fulsundar, Neha Gupta and Vatsal Mistry. What makes this property design so special is the sloping roofs (that adapt to monsoon conditions) and the choice of natural materials like local laterite stone, timber etc. Like many of the residences in my Australian architecture book, Villa in the Palms remains faithful to its environment. Essentially this a modern twist on a traditional Goa home, rather than a generic dwelling.

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