Generally, I am a cup half full type of guy and consider myself to be very privileged. About a decade ago I visited Australia for the first time to spend some quality time with my girlfriend (now wife) who was working there. As her contract had ended we had three blissful weeks together including a beautiful vacation to Queensland. One of the main attractions we enjoyed was the phenomenal Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system (comprising 2,900 individual reefs). For divers, this is the ultimate ‘bucket list’ experience and therefore demands an extra special timepiece. Here are four of the most extreme deep sea divers, watches on the market.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional 

Omega is one of the most successful brands within the Swatch group and a competitor to Rolex. The Seamaster collection has become increasingly popular, especially since its James Bonds watch of choice. Recently, the company developed an experimental model called the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional. This formidable watch was rigorously tested by Victor Vescovo in May 2019 and withstood (new world record) depths of 10,928 meters.

CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet

Since 2009 the amazing 20,000 Feet has been certified by Guinness Book of World Record as the deepest automatic diving watch (production model). I was so impressed with this timepiece that I featured in my ‘Limited Edition Watches’ book. Not only is the timepiece exceptionally attractive visually but realistically priced at $ 5740. Within the range, my personal favourite is the sporty carbon fibre dial version.

Vintage VDB P1070–DEEP SEA

Vintage VDB is a small micro brand located in Erfurt, Germany. Over the last few years, the company has attracted a cult following. Ultimately, they are renowned for their distinctive range of handcrafted watches. In 2014 they embarked on an ambitious project to create a watch that could withstand depths of up to 12000 meters. The name of the timepiece is called the P1070–DEEP SEA and measures 46 x 55 x 25 mm.

Rolex Deepsea

For most people owning a Rolex watch is the ultimate symbol of success. Therefore, it is no wonder that Rolex is the most successful watch brand in the world. All of their timepieces are built to last and the Deepsea is no exception. This watch is constructed from aerospace grade 904L steel and is waterproof to depths 3,900 metres (12,800 feet). Beneath the robust façade is a refined in-house manufacture (Calibre 3235) perpetual self-winding movement.