A few days ago, I published an article about a micro-watch brand called Riskers. As well as designing beautiful watches they also had a heartwarming back story. Essentially. All of their models were inspired by the bravery of individuals or organisations. Writing the review made me reflect on the hardship and perils of war. To most people (including myself) it is a totally alien concept. However, the owner of Wolf Custom Leather Jonathan George has experienced the horrors first hand. In fact, he’s served in the military for over 20-years, (including two tours in Iraq), which has taken its toll mentally and physically. Rather than let it destroy his spirit he has channelled his energy into creative pursuits.

Previously I have written about several leather goods craft producers including Corrigia, Kodiak Leather, Leather Cargo and Maddog Straps. All of these companies have one thing in common. They are dedicated to creating a high-quality product that adheres to time-honoured traditional techniques. The same can be said about Wolf Custom Leather. When I first spoke to Jonathan George I could see how passionate he was about the art of leather. In his own words, he said: “what I enjoy most about leather is the ruggedness, earthiness, and honestly the smell”. Certainly, I couldn’t have articulated these sentiments any better.

Within the range, Wolf Custom leather fabricates a selection of diverse products ranging from watch straps to leather aprons. One of the products that initially caught my eye was an everyday bag called the ‘Savage’. As the name suggests this has a raw unfinished industrial quality that instantly appealed to me. What makes it so special is the use of contrasting materials like Deerskin and cowhide. Other features include recycled zips and a very intriguing lining made from a vibrant shirt purchased in Indonesia. Even though this bag might have a radical appearance it is also very practical.

The advantage of dealing with an artisan supplier like Wolf Custom Leather is you have the option to purchase a bespoke product. Essentially this means you can specify certain colours, finishes and even textures. Jonathan is constantly experimenting with materials like copper, bronze and steel to achieve different unique patina’s. As well as creating a range of eclectic goods the company also produces mainstream items like Maverick flight bag.

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