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Recently I have been commissioned to write a book (by a renowned publisher) about Luxury Design. As the concept was originally mine, I can include products that I really like within certain parameters. Working on this project has been exceptional fun and very informative. Even though not all of the selections are beyond reach most of them are reserved for the elite. Primarily the reason why most of these creations are exceptionally expensive is because of the level of craftsmanship, design and meticulous attention to detail. If I ever get the opportunity to publish a second edition, then MB & F’s extraordinary Balthazar would have to be on the shortlist. » Read more


Approximately eighteen months ago I had the privilege of attending the world watch fair in Basel, Switzerland. Even though I had to pay for the trip out of my own pocket the experience was definitely worthwhile. As well as trying on an exquisite range of timepieces  (that I could only dream of previously) I also met some of my watch industry heroes. Most of them were very humble, gracious and genuine. They even spared the time to inspect the watch I had designed in collaboration with Frank Heydrich. Certainly I would recommend that anyone who is passionate about horology in general to visit Baselworld. This event is presented on a grand scale and is a true spectacle. » Read more

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After I left university in 1989 I became a freelance illustrator and was represented by a prestigious artist agency. I vividly remember working to exceptionally tight deadlines and normally working for 48-hours straight to complete an artwork. Thirty years ago illustrations had to be hand delivered or sent by a courier service. They also had to be mounted on a board with an acetate sheet cover. Obviously these days everything is done digitally and can be sent worldwide with the click of a mouse. » Read more

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One of my great passions in life is watching a good movie. Rather than big blockbusters with extraordinary CGI (computer generated image) effects I gravitate towards smaller indie pictures. Without sounding too pretentious I am more interested in the narrative and quality of acting. This is why (when a friend recommended it) I rushed out to watch the Australian cult classic called The Castle. This iconic film features a working-class family from Melbourne who struggle to save their cherished family home from being demolished to allow infrastructural expansion. Even though I wouldn’t rate this as one of my favourite flicks I could relate to the overall message. Large or small we all consider our homes to be our sanctuaries and will do anything to protect them. » Read more

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Recently there has been an influx of TV shows featuring a range of exclusive properties from around the world. Probably my favourites are programmes like Grand Designs (U.K, Australia, New Zealand) and the highly impressive American Series Extreme Homes. Really what makes these shows so interesting is that they focus on the ingenuity of the architecture, rather than the building cost. Obviously in a lot of cases these exquisite residences cost a fortune to build. However, this isn’t always the case as highlighted in my recent article featuring Patrick Bradley Architects ‘Grillagh Water’. » Read more

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These days I don’t feature as many watches on my website as I previously did. Ultimately that is because I wanted to feature a broader range of products. However, I still take a very keen interest in the world of horology. Unlike some writers I am not particularly interested in the politics of the industry or who is the latest ambassador. My primary objective is to feature timepieces that are original and in my opinion well designed. Certainly the Luna Exacte from Andreas Strehler meets both these criteria. » Read more

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Like most people I really love my holidays and in particular spending time with my family. There are so many places I would love to visit overseas and in Australia. That is why I really enjoy searching the internet for ideal destinations. Some of the accommodation on offer is absolutely spectacular. In fact, clients are now commissioning prominent architects to create these havens. A great example is Casa Kimball, which was conceived by Rangr Studio. » Read more

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Recently I visited the Apple shop in the city centre in Adelaide, South Australia. Even though I have owned several of their products over the years I had always purchased them from authorised retailers. All of their stores are virtually carbon copies and are laid out in a particular way. In some respects, they look like fashionable cafes or even a modern art gallery. They also attract a lot of trendy hipsters because it is the coolest place to congregate on a Saturday afternoon. As well as selling official Apple merchandise like Mac’s, iPads and iPhones they also sell compatible devices from other manufacturers. A great example is the wonderful Aura from Harman Kardon. » Read more