A few weeks ago I was recalling memories from my university days in Manchester, England. Back in 1986, the city was a completely different place than it is today. Sure you had a vibrant indie music scene with bands like the Smith’s, New Order, Joy Division, Stones Roses and the Happy Mondays leading the pack. However, there were still many untouched derelict areas with abandoned properties. I vividly remember sketching bomb-damaged buildings as part of course assignments. This illustrated the devastation that two wars had on this Northern region. To think of the hardship soldiers endured brings a shudder down my spine. That is why it was refreshing to read a press release from French brand Riskers that celebrates the achievements of these brave men and many other unsung heroes. » Read more

Since relocating to Australia 7 years ago I have barely travelled overseas. In fact, the trips I have made to Singapore and Switzerland were purely business-related. Certainly, I would love to experience different cultures, cuisines and different landscapes. To a certain extent you can do all this in Australia for a fraction of the cost and without the need for a passport. This is definitely an advantage for me at the moment because I have several pressing work commitments. However, there are places like Hawaii, Japan, China that I would love to visit. Another famous city that has always appealed to me is Cuba’s vibrant capital Havana. As well as having an exciting nightlife they are also the home to cool watch brand Cuervo y Sobrinos. » Read more

As many of my readers are aware I am a huge admirer of Tim Waring and what he’s achieved with Eves & Gray. Not only has Tim designed many sensational shoes, but he has also branched out into furniture and more recently stylish waterproof jackets. A couple of years ago I introduced him to Max Van Brauge and they co-created some exquisite Swiss mechanical timepieces. In return, Tim connected me with a very clever gentleman called Pan Yiannakou, who has invented a special method of printing onto leather. The best way to describe this patented technique is as a ‘digital tattoo’. » Read more

As a writer, I try to feature a diverse range of products as possible. Originally, my website focused primarily on watches. However, this all changed after I visited Singapore in 2015. On the business trip/family vacation I met with a Malaysian entrepreneur who suggested I should broaden my horizons. This was the catalyst for writing several books about luxury design and contemporary architecture. It also inspired me to pursue industrial design and create several bespoke watches. » Read more

When I initially meet people they are fascinated if not a bit bewildered to discover my profession. There are not too many authors/designers residing in South Australia. Essentially, freelance work can be very solitary and income is precarious at best. However, It is a massive privilege to be able to follow your passion and get the opportunity to create cool things. Even though my support network isn’t particularly local (with a couple of exceptions) I have developed business with some talented (likeminded) artisan. A great example is Milan based designer Rafael Simoes Miranda who is the owner/founder of micro-watch brand DWISS. » Read more

I have always been a huge film fanatic and even wrote my dissertation on Cary Grant. One of my secret indulgences is spending an idle afternoon watching James Bond films and particularly the early ones featuring Sean Connery. Even though my personal favourite is Dr No a lot of people prefer 007’s (third instalment) Goldfinger. Certainly, no one can forget the scene where Jill Masterson (played by British actress Shirley Eaton) was covered completely in gold paint. This is one of the most beautiful deaths in cinematic history.

Another reason I love the Bond franchise is that it introduced me to the iconic Submariner (Ref 6538). Even though 007 favoured the classic steel model, I am surprised he didn’t sport a gold version for Goldfinger. Certainly, Rolex makes some exquisite models crafted from this luxurious material so he would have been spoilt for choice. They even manufacture a special patented 18-karat gold variety containing alloy in their own foundry. Essentially, this is why consumers covet the brand’s precious metal watches so much. Here are three fine examples that perfectly illustrate this point. » Read more

I know many people that prioritise wealth and material possessions above anything else. It is true we live in a consumer-driven world and are influenced by clever marketing strategies. As a designer, I can appreciate quality, innovation and meticulous craftsmanship. However, precious time spent with my son and close friends is much more important to me. A lot of my memories are created within the home environment and that I’ve always had a passion for architecture. Presently I am writing my 7th book for Schiffer publishing about modernistic contemporary homes. One of the selections is called Lost Whiskey Concrete Cabin by US-based company Greenspur. This sensational dwelling, which is located in Marshall Virginia, is named after two local landmarks (Whiskey Hollow and Lost Mountain). » Read more

One of the great things about studying art at university was the diverse range of people I met. I originally trained as an illustrator and practised as a freelance artist for many years. However, at the time (early 1990’s) commercial art was precarious and payment terms were terrible. Ultimately, that is why many of my former student friends diversified. One of the main areas was animation, which was a huge growth area. Certainly over the last 30-years technology has advanced exponentially in the television, film and games industry. That is why I was interested to hear that micro-watch brand Lytt Labs have just collaborated with London based artist/animator Koby Martin. » Read more