A couple of days ago I went attending the ‘Good Design Forum South Australia’. Overall it was amazing because it brought together Chief Executives, entrepreneurs, industrial design specialists and leading lights in the science world. Even better the event was situated at Flinders University at the historical defunct Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant, which is presently undergoing a mammoth regeneration programme. One of the keys speakers was Murray Camem, who has worked with iconic British designer Terrence Conran, global electronic giant Phillips and Boeings primary partner Teague. His credentials are exceedingly impressive but what really resonated me was one of Murray’s childhood pictures of him sketching. This illustrated that even the most ambitious concepts start from humble two-dimensional drawings. » Read more

Last week I featured an amazing New York inspired residence (11, Warrawee Dock)
in the Adelaide suburb of Port Adelaide. This area is tipped to be one of Australia’s property hotspots of 2019. It isn’t really surprising due to an abundance of brown belt land that enjoys phenomenal waterfront views. This year one of the regions most prominent developers (Starfish Developments) are planning to build 750 dwellings. The project called Dock One mainly comprises townhouses and apartments. On a personal level, I would be interested in one of the 3-storey residences with a roof garden. I have even approached the owner to see if I could customise one to my own specifications. The reason that I mentioned this is because many people who live in rural South Australia might even contemplate purchasing one as a holiday home. Instead of buying investment properties many people are considering this an option. » Read more

Approximately eight years ago I visited in Essen, Germany to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. The party was fantastic and absolutely our generous hosts catered for our every need. As a special bonus, we visited the Red Dot museum the following day, which rewards excellence in design. Recently I discovered that Australia has an equivalent organisation called ‘Good Design Australia’. Since 1958, they have recognised the importance of design in business, industry, government and the general public. That is why I was massively interested to hear Swiss brand DWISS have submitted their RS1-SG into the competition. » Read more

A few years ago my taste in art was exceptionally conservative and I gravitated towards realism rather than modern art. This predates my ever increasing passion for contemporary architecture. To date, I have written three global books about this fascinating subject and am awestruck by many of the residences featured. It has also made me appreciate how large vibrant paintings can literally transform a space, internally and externally. For example, massive oversized graffiti works are having a renaissance period. One of the leading lights in this genre is Chilean Muralist Inti Castro. I became aware of his immense talent when driving in a local suburb called Port Adelaide. » Read more

Over the last few months, I have been liaising with three different global publishers concerning three exclusive books. One of the projects is a unique book about Australian Architecture, which was very challenging but ultimately very rewarding. To complicate things even further I am English and my editor is located in Pennsylvania in the United States. Originally I compiled a broad list of potential residences, displaying many different building techniques. However, to ensure cohesion we decided it was prudent to involve renowned architect and university professor Phil Harris to curate a shortlist. Fortunately, a couple of projects from Melbourne based practise Austin Maynard made the final cut. » Read more

Over the last few months, I have been working fastidiously on my new graphic tablet. I decided to invest in this innovative device essentially to create more professional visuals for potential clients. Given the abundance of readily available Apps achieving positive results is pretty effortless. These digital paintings are also very quick to produce and submit electronically (unlike conventional pen drawings). This is why established illustrators like Gorgio Piola have transitioned to this medium, especially concerning watch design (for a brand of the same name). » Read more

Recently the 29th Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) exhibition took place in Geneva and by all accounts was an enormous success. This year the show attracted over 23,000 visitors who were treated to a range of exquisite timepieces. Even if you are not particularly interested in horology some of the novelties on display are artworks in their own right. They also display a level of passion and craftsmanship that truly should receive the respect it deserves. » Read more

After a year of patiently waiting, my UK publisher finally sent me the first draft of my ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book. The project was immensely rewarding for many, many reasons. Not only did I get to feature most of my favourite watchmakers but I also got include my own timepiece called the ‘Pure Carbon’. This piece took me over two years to manufacturer (with the assistance of several collaborators) because every single component is bespoke. It also is the world’s largest Swiss mechanical watch measuring a whopping 67mm (excluding the crown). Another bonus is I discovered (literally days before my deadline) a visionary watch designer called Franck Dubarry and was able to promote his fantastic ‘Crazy Wheel’. » Read more