A few years ago I had a very interesting meeting with a commodities broker, who also had a penchant for exquisite timepieces. Even though this discerning gentleman kept me waiting in a hotel lobby for over an hour the meeting was definitely worthwhile. During our limited time together he showed me 25 of his favourite watches from a prized collection of 250. Some of the models he possessed were very rare and exceedingly expensive. I vividly remember admiring pieces from De Bethune, MB & F, Urwerk and Vianney Halter to name just a few. As I was leaving a young lady approached the table (bypassing the presentation box of valuable watches) and commented on the model I was wearing. On that particular occasion, I was sporting an SP-1 Landship by Azimuth and she said it was the most interesting watch she had ever seen. » Read more

A few years ago if someone told that 3D printing would be an integral part of our lives I would have said they were dreaming. However, with modern advances it seems that anything is possible. For example, companies are now using 3 D printing for building cars, furniture and even houses. No longer is this just a prototyping tool but a cost effective way of manufacturing bespoke pieces. In fact, this method of production has infiltrated into medical science and could be used for joint replacements in the near future. » Read more

As I have grown older my perspective on life has dramatically changed. The things I once held as important have less significance these days. Essentially (in my view) there are only two precious commodities, which are health and time. Paul Allen once said, “Our net worth is ultimately defined not by dollars but rather by how well we serve others.” Certainly, this incredibly successful businessman (co-founder of Microsoft) practised what he preached and donated vast amounts of money to laudable causes. On a smaller scale, ‘Only Watch’ has encouraged the world’s finest watchmakers to create unique 1/1 pieces for charity. As always the event (which is dedicated to research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy) attracted the Crème de la Crème of the industry including Konstantin Chaykin’s ‘Joker Selfie’ and sensational collaboration between De Bethune and Urwerk. » Read more

What I have noticed about living in Australia is that people are fanatical about their coffee. In Adelaide, where I reside there is a boutique café called ‘A Mothers Milk’ that serve single origin coffee from around the world. On one occasion I even got to try a very special brew from Tasmania. As well as a broad variety of independent eateries there are many exclusive retailers selling bespoke machines. Therefore, customers can enjoy this wonderful beverage in the comfort of their own homes. » Read more

At the moment it is the school holidays so I have been able to share many precious moments with my 10-year old son. He is exceptionally energetic and absolutely loves the outdoor lifestyle. Therefore, we have spent many hours doing the beach and lake walks, which has been blissful. As well as world-class coastal resorts, South Australia has some beautiful nature hikes. One of the most popular is the steep trail from Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Summit. This has been a great source of inspiration for many local artists and designers. When I speak with brands around the world many are also influenced by forms found in nature. A great example is a Norwegian company Von Doren owned by the enigmatic Øyvind VonDoren Asbjørnsen. » Read more

Over the last few years, I have built up a diverse collection of leather jackets. Many are from iconic designers like Giorgio Armani, Dolce Gabbana, Martin Margiela, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent etc. Generally, I am not motivated by labels per-se and am inspired by innovative design. The garments I have procured are very rare in terms of colours, styles and patterns. Essentially this inspired me to create my own brand called ‘Morley Rose’. My concept was to create stylish Italian Nappa blazers with industrial photographic textures (concrete, marble, galvanised steel, glass) for pocket trims and lapels. I achieved this with the generous assistance of veteran Melbourne based craftsman John Presser and Pan Yiannakou who created a patented digital print technology. » Read more

A few months ago my ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book was reviewed in The New York Times. It was a huge honour to be included in this prestigious magazine and the journalist Melanie Abrams wrote a beautiful article. Before this, she interviewed (via Skype) for nearly two hours. As a devout professional she wanted to know every intricacy about the book and my reasons for writing it. I explained that I had created several bespoke timepieces and wanted to shine a light on these talented artisans. One of my personal favourite’s is Konstantin Chaykin and that’s why his amazing Lunokhod Prime was a natural selection for the front cover. » Read more

A few days ago I was having a meal with a group of new friends. We discussed many topics including our aspirations and future dreams for our children. My son has just turned 10-years old and is pretty obsessed with sports. In fact, he recently one a cross country event hosted by several local schools. Another activity he is passionate about is tennis and he following in the footsteps of local (Adelaide) hero Lleyton Hewitt. Certainly, at his age, absolutely anything is possible with a lot of hard work. I also believe when you advance to your adult most things are achievable (except for elite sports). Bespoke furniture maker Silvio Acosta is a good case in study. » Read more