Generally, I look forward to relaxing in front of the television on Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings. Primarily that is because I am treated to episodes of my favorite programmes that feature aspirational residential homes. I have always been fascinated by innovative architecture because it makes an indelible impression on an otherwise generic landscape. Far too many new builds are poorly constructed and devoid of any design merit. That is why homes like Siglap Plain by Aamer Architects really deserve editorial exposure. » Read more

Konstantin Chaykin’s story dates back thirty-eight years to the city formerly known as Leningrad, USSR. In 1995, aged twenty he attained a degree in radio technology from St. Petersburg Telecommunications College. His initial plan to pursue a career in communications changed when he was required to serve a compulsory two years in the Russian Army. Subsequently he opened a business selling timepieces that stimulated his passion for fine watchmaking. » Read more

The origins of single malt whiskey distilling date back centuries. The two main regions that have become synonymous with this grain-based beverage are Scotland and Ireland. In fact, there is even an organisation which was founded in Edinburgh in 1983 called the “Scotch Malt Whisky Society” (SMWS). Operated purely on a membership basis they exclusively distribute over 125 unique varieties worldwide and even have 3 private member’s rooms in different UK locations.

Growing up in the UK I was familiar with the prestige associated with Irish or Scottish single malt whiskey. However, there are many other countries that produce their own high-quality variations including Australia and in particular Tasmania. In fact, many of the boutique distilleries based in this unique state (which isn’t connected to the mainland) have established themselves on the world stage. Here are 6 companies that have taken this craft to an exceedingly high level. » Read more

Over the last few months, I have been actively involved in several design projects. As an artist, I feel it is part of my DNA to immerse myself in creative activities. For example, writing about horology inspired me to develop my own ideas. Back in the 1980’s when I was studying for my degree in Illustration there wasn’t the vast array of digital devices available. Essentially this meant there wasn’t access to other nationwide artist’s work (never mind on an international level). These day’s social media portals like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. deliver this content instantaneously. That avoids complacency as a designer and provide constant resources in my capacity as a writer/author. » Read more

Every morning after the school drop of I visit my local library and peruse through various magazines. One of my favourites is ‘Men’s Health’ because the content is quite diverse. Even though there is general advice on how to develop muscle mass it also great nutritional advice. The consensus these days is that a low carbohydrate diet is an effective way to stay healthy. That is why a lot of the recipes are high protein and devoid of processed ingredients. Most of the experts say that the right fats (Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated) are also crucial to general well being. Certainly, I subscribe to that philosophy and the results over the last few years (since being diagnosed with Coeliac disease) have been profound. » Read more

Approximately 20-years ago whilst living in the UK I worked as a salesman in the print industry. At the time I saw sales as merely a source of generating finances to purchase properties. However, on reflection, this experience was much more valuable than I appreciated at the time. Essentially it gave me the opportunity to meet owners of success business and key players in the public sector. One great example that instantly comes to mind is a visit to Wedgewood factory in Stoke-on-Trent. I vividly remember a senior manager escorting me to a large empty warehouse and looking amused at the expression on my face. It took a few minutes for the penny to drop but then I realised they were no longer a manufacturer. In fact, the majority of their fine pottery products were now produced in China. » Read more

Becoming a father at the ripe old age of 42 is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Even though there is a huge age gap between myself and son we still connect very well. Ultimately this is because he is very interested in design, sports, and fitness. I am also a person who has embraced new technology and that is crucial to my job. The digital environment we live in today is completely different to what encountered as a child. However, I still feel that basic skills are relevant and shouldn’t be undervalued. That is why I still hand sketch a lot of concepts on paper using pencils, pens, and rulers.

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Like many people I fascinated with the astronomy and in particular stargazing. It is hard to conceive that (via powerful telescopes) we can see planets that are billions of light years away. Due to the sheer scale of the universe (which is still an unknown quantity), many of the visible stars don’t exist anymore. In fact, the beautiful picture we see in the sky is ultimately a snapshot of the past. This poses the question about life forms on different planets and how we can possibly estimate the probability. Literally, there are over a 100 billion galaxies (presently observable). Therefore, in the scheme of things we really are just minuscule grain in a vast desert of sand. However, on planet earth, we all have our personal challenges to overcome. » Read more