As many of my readers are aware I am a huge admirer of Tim Waring and what he’s achieved with Eves & Gray. Not only has Tim designed many sensational shoes, but he has also branched out into furniture and more recently stylish waterproof jackets. A couple of years ago I introduced him to Max Van Brauge and they co-created some exquisite Swiss mechanical timepieces. In return, Tim connected me with a very clever gentleman called Pan Yiannakou, who has invented a special method of printing onto leather. The best way to describe this patented technique is as a ‘digital tattoo’. » Read more

About 20 years ago I bought my first house in the UK and I became very interested in the property industry in general. This stimulated me to renovate quite a few historical properties, which subsequently were featured in renowned interior design magazines. One of these residences (that I still own) is a penthouse in an old textile mill dating back to 1870. The apartment has many fantastic original architectural features like exposed trusses, brick walls and vaulted ceilings. I fitted a bespoke freestanding solid wood kitchen, contemporary designer radiators, cast iron spiral staircase (leading to a galleried mezzanine area) and reclaimed Victorian wooden panel doors. In total I probably only lived in this dwelling for five years but have certainly got fond memories. That is why I was really enticed by North Adelaide Barn by Williams Burton Leopardi because of the similarities. » Read more

A friend of mine called Alan recently travelled to Europe on an extended family vacation. He said the trip was absolutely fantastic and got to experience many interesting destinations. One of the highlights he mentioned was a trip to Venice, which is a truly magical city. Even though it has become a tourist hotspot there are still many hidden gems. As a watch fanatic, Alan is always on the search for new pieces for his collection. On this occasion, he visited a high-end boutique, which specialised in Panerai timepieces. After being treated to fine chocolates he was confronted with the price of $10,000. For a luxury watch, this isn’t particularly high as collectors will pay large sums for rare models. » Read more

A few years ago I visited Perth with my family and was really impressed with the overall experience. Even though this region is in a completely different time zone compared to rest of Australia and is fairly remote it has a distinct air of opulence. Ultimately this is due to the mining boom, which has attracted a lot of investment in Western Australia. Essentially this has pushed the cost of living and house prices up to near the level of Sydney. It has also meant that architects are not restricted by tight client budgets and can create supreme properties without compromise. A great example can be found in the ultra extravagant Trigg Residence. » Read more

After I graduated from university with a degree in Art I became a frustrated with my career options. For a few years I illustrated children’s books and was actually an agent for 30 other artists. However the ultra tight deadlines and ridiculous payment terms made me look at other professional options. Subsequently I entered the competitive and high-pressure world of sales. As well as travelling across the UK on a regular basis I was also required to attend various seminars. Although they were supposed to be inspirational they seemed to have the opposite effect. That is one of the main reasons why I have never read any motivational books of this kind. By coincidence I was driving my wife’s car the other day and there was an Audio book playing by Richard Branson called the ‘The Virgin Way’. The advice he gave to all budding entrepreneurs (large or small) was to find something you enjoy and are passionate about. This message instantly made me think of all the small independent watchmakers I write about. » Read more

Incredibly the festive season is rapidly approaching and is now less than a month away. This will be my 6th Christmas in Australia and I am thoroughly looking forward to celebrating with friends. When my (now 9-year old) son first arrived on these shores he was only 2. Therefore, he has no recollection of the white Christmas’s we experienced in the UK. He is more used to day trips to the beach and shrimps on the barbie. Also, he has higher expectations concerning presents and like most kids of his age wants an Xbox or PlayStation. In contrast, I would be more than happy with a beautiful timepiece. Certainly, there are several to choose from including the marvellous limited edition (23 pieces) Wyvern Manufacture LE.2 from Brellum. » Read more

Before I relocated to Australia (2012) I resided in Manchester, England for over 20-years. This vibrant city (dubbed the capital of the North) experienced an enormous amount of regeneration. My personal favourite suburb was Chorlton, which became a real property hotspot. This happened because there were several chic bars, restaurants and independent clothing boutiques. Most of the local architecture was late Victorian/Edwardian terrace homes. These dwellings were originally built for blue collar workers and therefore the footprint was exceptionally narrow. However, with the assistance of a progressive architect and a bit of lateral thinking, the results could be outstanding. » Read more

I have recently become very interested in wristwatches that display multiple time zones. Although quartz watches like Diesel’s Mr Daddy 2.0 provide this function adequately I like the concept of a Swiss automatic with this feature. Many timepieces have dual time zones that are controlled by an individual movement. The problem I have found is that they haven’t got the facility to operate in increments of 30 minutes. Realistically there are two solutions available to remedy this issue. The first option is to purchase the revolutionary Legacy N°1 from MB & F, which costs $92,000 or Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance around 180,000. Unfortunately, due to the exclusive nature of these exquisite watches the price point, this isn’t viable for most people (including me). The second alternative is to buy a timepiece, which contains more than one movement. Here are five superb watches (I personally own) that successfully illustrate this point.

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