Recently Schiffer Books kindly sent me copies of two books that had recently been published. The titles are Luxury Design for Living and Modern Masterpieces. Both feature some of the most exclusive residential homes in the world. From the outset Schiffer wanted to focus on luxurious properties with a strictly contemporary aesthetic. However, (as an exception) they did allow me to include a phenomenal German housing and office complex called Sonnenhof by J Mayer H Architects. Essentially this radical development is a perfect solution to modern day inner city living. » Read more

Presently work is being carried out to transform the façade of our home in South Australia. Even though the residence has a contemporary appearance it is generic and typical of a lot of houses in the region. Ultimately that is why I devised a radical design theme that was also reasonably affordable. Previously, I have renovated several properties in the UK and have a general passion for architecture. That is what prompted me to write several books about the subject. » Read more

Earlier this year I went on a cruise with my family around New Zealand. From a young age I was fascinated with this country and had always dreamed of travelling. What really surprised me was the diverse landscape and the contrast between the North and South Island. Even the weather varied massively from city to city. Therefore, some days we wore T-shirts and on other day’s rain jackets. The country also is a hot bed of culture and is a very spiritual environment. » Read more

Like most authors/bloggers I spend an enormous amount of my time trying to find products that will resonate with my readers. Originally when I started writing about watches a few years ago the main source of inspiration are labels like MB & F, Urwerk, DeBethune etc. Certainly these watchmakers are pioneering and have made the horological landscape very exciting. However, the price point is well beyond most people’s budgets and they only produce a limited amount of models a year. Fortunately, for the consumer there are several distinctive and more affordable options. A great example is MUSE who have just unveiled a great collection of ‘Swiss Art Watches’ (Stella, Stella-S, Akylon, Tanoura, Kagura). » Read more

As I mentioned previously the idea for my ‘Limited Edition Watches’ book was shaped on a return flight back from Zurich (after visiting Baselworld) to Dubai. As a stoke of good fortune I happened to be seated next to a charming gentleman called Chettha Songthaveepol. He is based in Thailand and the Editor/Chairman of QP Magazine.  We had an enormous amount in common and talked about various collaborations. One of the concepts we discussed was a project about unique timepieces with an advertising component. Essentially this would mean brands would pay money for editorial content. Crucially this is not what I envisioned so I pitched the idea to another global publisher called Schiffer Books. They were very receptive and the rest (as they say) is history. » Read more

A good friend of mine is originally from Melbourne and always dreams of relocating back there in the future. This incredible metropolitan city certainly has massive appeal and culturally is hard to beat. That is why it not surprising that it been voted the world’s most liveable city for a sixth consecutive year running. Obviously any pole is subjective and is based on a range of different criteria including healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure. This particular report was compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). » Read more

A few years ago I had a random accident, which rendered me wheelchair bound for 6 months. Ironically the incident occurred while playing a friendly game of tennis with my wife. Essentially I had an awkward fall that broke my wrist (several places) and fractured my Neca Femur (hip). Due to my age this event massively amused the staff at the hospital I recuperated at. Even though it took me well over a year to recover properly the experience was enlightening. In fact, it was a catalyst for changing my diet and general well being. As part of my rehabilitation I was encouraged to do as much walking as possible. » Read more

Over the last few years I have become more interested in fine clothing. One of my favourite pastimes was watching movies on the silver screen and in particular starring Cary Grant. Even in his forties and fifties he was the epitome of style and timeless elegance. Ultimately this was because he was tall, athletic and was dressed by the world’s finest fashion designers. His suits were tailored to perfection and made from the finest materials. Like anything this meticulous attention to detail certainly makes a massive difference. » Read more