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A few days ago I had the privilege of attending the wedding reception of beautiful Vietnamese and Chinese couple. Certainly, love was in the air and everybody really enjoyed the event. At my allotted table I was seated next to a delightful lady who was formerly a property developer. Interestingly she specialised in demolishing dilapidated older style houses and sub dividing. However, nowadays the margins are too tight and consumers desire more than generic properties. As a writer, I can totally understand that homeowners crave for individuality and that is why they commission architects to articulate their visions. » Read more

As well as being a writer and author I also have a major passion for industrial design. In fact, I am presently in the process of creating several bespoke timepieces with my Watchmaker friend Ben Birkett. Two of the watch cases are constructed from concrete and were made by English based craftsman George Slaughter. Originally I commissioned George to create some concrete buttons for my leather jacket brand ‘Morley Rose’. Based on positive results I wanted to explore how this amazing material would work in a horological context. Certainly, achieving the precise texture wasn’t easy but after 12-months of trial an error we got the correct balance. Effectively my objective was to create the same aesthetic used in contemporary modern residential architecture. » Read more

Over the last few years, I have become more fascinated with modern materials and contemporary architecture in general. As an industrial designer, this prompted me to experiment with different textures and cutting edge techniques. Recently, I launched a boutique leather jacket brand called ‘Morley Rose’. The name was inspired by a ‘David Austin’ rose that was growing in my family home in the UK. My concept was to use industrial photographic textures like concrete, marble, galvanised steel, etc. for pocket trims and shoulder pads. Certainly, the overall result is very effective and a lot more subtle than you would expect. » Read more

I have always been a huge film fanatic dating back to my university days. To fulfil the honours component of by ‘Bachelor in Arts’ degree I was required to write a 10,000-word dissertation. To my tutor’s surprise (horror) I opted to write about Cary Grant and his contribution to light comedy. In those days (1989) computers were not a big thing so predominantly it had to be written by hand and then forwarded to a typist. However, to my absolute delight, it was very well received and was awarded a high grade. This just goes to show that if you are passionate about a subject then the overall result will be positive. » Read more

As the weather has progressively got colder in Adelaide, watching captivating dramas on Netflix has become more appealing. A few months ago a friend recommended I watch a Norwegian series called Occupied (Original title: Okkupert). This intriguing thriller is set in the near future and is the most expensive Norwegian production ever filmed. Interestingly the protagonist is the Green Party leader and the newly elected prime minister called Jesper Berg. His mission is to make Norway self-sufficient by using a thorium-based nuclear power instead of oil. In the context of this series, this causes friction but this progressive thinking could soon be a reality. » Read more

A few days ago I watched a fascinating documentary entitled ‘Olé Olé Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America’. This 125-minute feature starring and produced by The Rolling Stones chronicles their 2016 tour around Latin America. What makes this film so special is the bond between these veteran rockers, who still at the top of their game. Much of the footage gives the viewer an intimate glimpse of the real Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay etc. They also visit Mexico, which borders closely with the United States. Certainly, many people have preconceived ideas about Mexico’s capital city. However, as I discovered it does have some amazing contemporary architecture. A great example can be found in Casa Vertientes by JJRR/Arquitectura. » Read more

In the next few months, my book about Australian architecture will be released worldwide. The project was commissioned by Schiffer Books, who are based in Pennsylvania, United States. This is the fourth book I have completed for this progressive publisher. The original idea was developed with my editor Cheryl, who has a particular interest in architecture. Her vision for this edition was to showcase a broad variety of residential homes in Australia. This continent has several different climates and diverse terrain, which dictates the materials used. » Read more

A few years ago a close friend of mine visited New York accompanied by her mother. She described the vacation as captivating and told me an anecdote (which she has subsequently dined out on for years) about an experience she had over there. Whilst sitting in a delicatessen she noticed a young unshaven gentleman sitting on his own enjoying a supersized sandwich. You might think this is common occurrence but the man in question was Leonardo Dicaprio. » Read more