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As well as writing books and articles for my website and international magazines I also love designing watches. Originally my first prototype called the Polaris was an experiment to get a clearer insight of how the watch industry works. However, it now has become more of a passion and I have recently completed my second timepiece. This more radical piece will be featured on Total Design Reviews in the very near future. » Read more

Recently I have been working on a very exciting book project about Australian architecture featuring a diverse range of projects. The original idea was devised by myself and co author (editor) Cheryl who is based in Pennsylvania. She has always been fascinated by innovative building designs and especially from this region. Essentially the concept focuses on great architecture rather than famous architects. This means that the selections were all based entirely on merit. One of the fantastic residential properties featured in this book is Fredrichstrasse House by Troppo Architecture. » Read more

This year I celebrated a milestone birthday and officially marked half a century on this earth. During the build up to this momentous occasion I discussed how I would like to acknowledge this event. Early on we eliminated any gathering and a surprise party was an absolute no go. Finally, we came to (in my opinion) an ideal solution which was to go on a family holiday to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. » Read more

About 20 years ago I bought my first house in the UK and I became very interested in the property industry in general. This stimulated me to renovate quite a few historical properties, which subsequently were featured in renowned interior design magazines. One of these residences (that I still own) is a penthouse in an old textile mill dating back to 1870. The apartment has many fantastic original architectural features like exposed trusses, brick walls and vaulted ceilings. I fitted a bespoke freestanding solid wood kitchen, contemporary designer radiators, cast iron spiral staircase (leading to a galleried mezzanine area) and reclaimed Victorian wooden panel doors. In total I probably only lived in this dwelling for five years but have certainly got fond memories. That is why I was really enticed by North Adelaide Barn by Williams Burton Leopardi because of the similarities. » Read more

Recently I have completed my portion of a book I am co-writing with my US based editor Cheryl. The book is specifically about Australian Architecture and why it is so extraordinary. In the scheme of things Australia is a relatively young country in the context of modern development. It hasn’t got the grand historical buildings or temples found in regions like Europe or Asia. However, it does have some of the finest and largest contemporary residences in my opinion. » Read more

There is no doubt that in my mind that relocating from the UK to Australia five years ago was a fantastic move. Originally the primary motivators were a great employment opportunity for my wife and the promise of a better future for our son (who at the time was 2 years old). However, we have all reaped the rewards from this beautiful country and are very proud to be citizens. » Read more

When I emigrated to Australia 5 years ago from England with my family I could have never anticipated the constant feelings of euphoria. This country is simply amazing and the diversity never ceases to amaze me. For example, in South Australia the temperature is dry and very similar to Southern Spain. However, in the north the climate is very tropical and similar to parts of Asia. This is why I haven’t vacationed overseas for many years because paradise is virtually right on my doorstep. » Read more

A few years ago I visited Singapore specifically to get access to some very rare timepieces. At the time my website exclusively focused on horology and so visiting this region was a prerequisite. Orchard Road in the CBD (Central Business District) is one of the most opulent retail locations I have ever encountered. Certainly this vicinity is exceptionally glamourous and amazingly clean. A lot of the products in the shops were well beyond my budget although, in contrast there were restaurants in close proximity where you could eat a nutritious satisfying meal for $3. Ultimately this why Singapore is considered one of the most desirable locations in the world to live.   » Read more