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At the moment the news is dominated by COVID-19 and that is having a broad impact worldwide. In Australia, people are purchasing toilet rolls like they are going out of fashion. it is a worrying time and is a reminder of how fragile our planet really is. Nevertheless (in the best way possible) it is good to maintain some type of normality. That is why I am still focusing on writing on delivering decent content about talented designers. A great example is William Volcoff who is the self-proclaimed creative mastermind of WOLKOV. Certainly, I believe that statement is meant in a playful manner. However, judging by the quality of his new Super Chrome Edition it is apparent William is abundantly talented.

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Everybody is aware of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which is having a devastating effect on global trading. Recently news came through that the two largest watch shows (Baselworld and Watch & Wonders) were not proceeding this year as a consequence. Even though the rumour mills had been suggesting this might happen it still came as a shock. When I visited Baselword in 2015 it became apparent of the importance of shows like this for brands. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what happens on the horological horizon this year. » Read more

One of the main pleasures of being a writer is getting the opportunity to review really cool products and in particular watches. In the last decade, the horological landscape has massively changed and designs are becoming more radical. Essentially, brands are trying to push the boundaries to survive in a very competitive industry. Certainly, Smartwatch technology has had a major impact. Another more recent factor is the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. As a consequence of this outbreak, Baselword and Watch & Wonders have announced they will be cancelling their shows. This could potentially have a devasting effect on small microbrands who rely on this type of publicity. However, there are small craftsmen like Igor Gudiy that have found other outlets to sell their bespoke timepieces. » Read more

Approximately 5-years ago I met with a gentleman called Christophe Hoppe who had co-founded a brand called Bausele. Even though Christophe originates from France he met his wife in Australia and now resides in Sydney. At the time he showed me visuals of a really cool watch concept. This timepiece eventually went into production and is called the Terra Australis. One of the most distinctive features of this watch is the lightweight ceramic granite type bezel (developed with Flinders University in Adelaide). Interestingly this material (trademarked Bauselite) is formed by injecting nano-particles of ceramic into molten rock. At the time this was considered pretty radical. However, since then brands have become even more experimental, especially with lightweight carbon composites. A great example is Romago Swiss who have developed the first bright red forged carbon watch (I am aware of). » Read more

Generally, when you think about Russian watchmaking there is one name that springs to mind. Of course, I am talking about the great Konstantin Chaykin who is an inspiration to watchmakers worldwide. I have featured Konstantin’s work on my website, in global magazines and in several books. He has produced favourites like the Carp Diem, Cinema, Joker, Levitas and Lunokhod Prime (which is featured on the cover of my ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book‘). However, there is also another less well-known craftsman, like Ruslan Skutte who are also making their mark with label Silverwood. » Read more

As well as being a writer and author I also have a major passion for industrial design. In fact, I am presently in the process of creating several bespoke timepieces with my Watchmaker friend Ben Birkett. Two of the watch cases are constructed from concrete and were made by English based craftsman George Slaughter. Originally I commissioned George to create some concrete buttons for my leather jacket brand ‘Morley Rose’. Based on positive results I wanted to explore how this amazing material would work in a horological context. Certainly, achieving the precise texture wasn’t easy but after 12-months of trial an error we got the correct balance. Effectively my objective was to create the same aesthetic used in contemporary modern residential architecture. » Read more

Recently I completed my 7th book (co-written by my editor Cheryl Weber) about contemporary concrete residential homes. Previously this material was mainly used in the commercial sector for bridges and warehouse etc. In popular culture, many rap artists mentioned the term ‘concrete jungle’ Essentially this phrase references unattractive modern buildings in high-density living areas. However, over the last few years, progressive architects have massively changed peoples perception by creating innovative solutions. This has caused a ripple effect and now concrete has filtered into the luxury market. Rather than using it for its structural qualities, brands are inspired by the aesthetic. A great example is DZ4513 Mega Chief concrete chronograph by Diesel. » Read more

Since June 2019 Australia has encountered some of the worst bush fires in its history. The main states that have been affected are New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. It is estimated that the fires have affected 450 square miles of land and killed 1.25 billion animals. This type of devastation has attracted international media coverage and is a stark reminder of the effects of global warming. With temperatures exceeding 49 °C (120 °F) it is anticipated that this situation could get worse over the years. That is why the Australian government is making provisions for future needs. » Read more