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One of my great passions in life is watching a good movie. Rather than big blockbusters with extraordinary CGI (computer generated image) effects I gravitate towards smaller indie pictures. Without sounding too pretentious I am more interested in the narrative and quality of acting. This is why (when a friend recommended it) I rushed out to watch the Australian cult classic called The Castle. This iconic film features a working-class family from Melbourne who struggle to save their cherished family home from being demolished to allow infrastructural expansion. Even though I wouldn’t rate this as one of my favourite flicks I could relate to the overall message. Large or small we all consider our homes to be our sanctuaries and will do anything to protect them. » Read more

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For the last few years I have focused on writing articles about innovative watchmakers. The experience has certainly made me appreciate the difficulties in establishing a profitable and sustainable brand. Even if you come up with amazing designs it has to appeal to enough buyers/collectors to make the business viable. That is why watchmakers ultimately need the support of high end retailers to keep their dreams alive. A few companies that have attained this monumental achievement are Louis Moinet, MB & F, Urwerk and Cabestan. » Read more


Recently after a three-year sabbatical I started painting again. Due to fact that I am also writing books and publishing reviews on my website, progress on art is very slow. In fact, I have had to put a piece on hold temporarily whilst I concentrate on other projects. In my experience, becoming a successful artist involves an enormous amount of time and dedication. That is why a lot of my artist friends are single and live on a very modest budget. Nevertheless, they say it is their destiny and do derive a lot of satisfaction from this line of work. » Read more

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A few years ago we all decided to make a giant leap and immigrate to Australia. This involved packing all our belongings including our car onto a massive shipping container. For over 4 months we waited patiently for our worldly goods to arrive in shipment just to find several items were missing or damaged. One of our prided possessions was a fantastic coffee table bought from UK based retailer Habitat. What made it so special was the resin coated marble pebble top, which was now in two pieces. Fortunately, we were able to salvage the table by sourcing a customized piece of marble. However, if this hadn’t been possible I would be seriously interested in one of IL Hoon Roh’s phenomenal R EX07 tables. » Read more

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Over the last few years I have had a renewed interest in contemporary art and modern design. Primarily because I now have a son called Paolo who is showing creative inclinations. At Easter time I decided to take Paolo to Adelaide’s central gallery. I heard that as well as exhibiting many classical pieces of art they also had some very unusual installations. Not surprisingly he was captivated by the digital animated screenings rather than the traditional oil paintings. However, there is artwork to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences in one space. » Read more

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I’ve always had a passion for interior design and bespoke furniture. Over the last few years I have worked with many developers and consulted them on how to stage their properties. Personally I favour an eclectic mix because I feel it adds more depth and interest. Combing a range of different colours and textures also is aesthetically pleasing. So many homes I have visited have played it safe and opted for neutral almost generic schemes. I am not saying there is anything particularly wrong with this approach but I feel it pays dividends to be more adventurous. » Read more

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I have always had a penchant for really unusual and distinctive furniture. In fact, my wife jokes that I always purchase items for style rather than functionality. At dinner parties she has an enormous amount of fun (at my expense) saying we have chairs you can’t sit on and clocks that don’t tell the time. However sometimes I think aesthetic pieces of art can truly enrich our lives. That is why many designers go to extreme lengths to create something really special. A great example is South Korean designer IL Hoon Roh. » Read more

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A couple of years ago an artist called Rubèn Pàmies contacted me via Facebook to enquire whether I would be interested in writing about his work. At the time I was solely writing about timepieces and my website was called Total Watch Reviews. Recently I have changed the title to Total Design Reviews so I can write about a broader range of subjects like architecture, art, horology, design and technology. » Read more