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Like most people, I am fascinated with astronomy and the galaxy in general. That’s why a recent news story really caught my interest. A few days ago it was reported that Scientists have discovered a ‘Super-Earth’ like planet containing water vapour. The exoplanet is called K2-18b and is composed of similar (to our earth) molecules like nitrogen and methane. It is twice as large and weighs about eight times as heavy. K2-18b also is much closer to its star (which is much more volatile than our sun) and so it only takes only takes around 33 days to orbit. Realistically, it isn’t habitable but nevertheless, it’s an exciting development. » Read more

The last 12 months has been an exceptionally busy and prolific time for me. I have now had six books published which are, ‘Limited Edition Watches’, ‘Luxury Design for Living’, ‘Modern Masters’, Dark Chocolate, Australia Modern and ‘Independent Watchmakers’. One of these publications is specifically about independent watchmakers and features my ‘Pure Carbon’ timepiece. With a diameter of 67mm (excluding the crown) this creation is the world’s largest Swiss mechanical carbon fibre watch. It is also the first piece to feature 3D carbon hands. As a massive additional bonus, I have also produced a third bespoke unique 1/1 timepiece (called the ‘Hemisphere’) which is also included in the book. » Read more

In my late teens, I was so obsessed with painting that my Saturday’s were normally occupied visiting my local art gallery. The date was circa 1985 and was busy trying to attain a design diploma. At the time I was pretty fixated on super-realism and vividly remember standing too close (past the barrier) to the oil paintings. I was often scolded by the security guards but ultimately it was worthwhile to study the techniques and see the fine brush strokes. These days I still visit exhibitions and my taste in fine art has broadened massively. That is why I was intrigued to hear of a revolutionary product called the Meural Canvas by Netgear. » Read more

Most of my friends own either one watch or a couple at best. However, as a watch writer and designer, I speak with many collectors who own several models. In fact, a Singapore businessman I met about five years ago owned approximately 250 exceptionally rare timepieces, mostly from independent brands. He described to me how he had commissioned a craftsman to make ten individual cases that were stored in bank vaults. On a weekly basis, he would rotate them and so he could wear a different watch to work each day. At the time I was pretty astounded that anyone could have amassed so many exquisite timepieces. However, he explained that his bounty was small compared to some in the region. » Read more

Many, many decades ago when I was a university student funds were in very short supply. As a leaving present, my parents have very kindly bought me a beautiful stereo system, with speakers and a turntable. I vividly remember listening to all my records (mostly Stevie Wonder) in the confines of my student digs. Even though my room was damp, cold and particularly small, I still look back at this period of my life fondly. Years later (2000) Nick Hornby’s acclaimed ‘High Fidelity’ novel was translated into movie form. John Cusack skilfully plays the owner of an old fashioned Chicago record store, which is declining due to an emerging digital age. At the end of the film (as the credits roll) the protagonist plays Stevie Wonder’s amazing ‘I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)’ from the 1972 album ‘Talking Book’. Literally, you could hear every crackle, which at that precise moment epitomized why I love vinyl. » Read more

About a decade ago after a huge sabbatical (which lasted 20-years), I began painting again. Originally, I trained as an illustrator and so my compositions were relatively small. Primarily, this was because it suited my highly detailed style and so they be could easily be posted to clients nationwide (United Kingdom). The new artworks were of portraits and flowers on a much larger scale and the medium was oil (rather than gouache previously used in illustration). This renewed enthusiasm in fine art also made me appreciate different style and especially abstract art because of the vibrant use of colour. Interestingly watch brands have also adopted this strategy with some exciting results. Here are four timepieces (including my own ‘Polaris’) that perfectly highlight this point. » Read more

Over the last few years, I have become a lot more conscious about my health and general well being. In my university days (many eons ago) I drank copious amount of beer and had a staple diet of junk food. Certainly, I don’t regret this lifestyle as it was a rite of passage. As a man in my early fifties, there are comprises and adjustment that are required to stay relatively slim. Some of the main changes I have made are eliminating processed food, reducing my alcohol consumption and intake of meat (mainly plant-based). However, there are indulgences like dark chocolate and espresso coffee that I simply can’t live without. » Read more

From a young age, I have always been fascinated with astronomy and the universe in general. When I hear scientists talk about a cosmological event called the ‘Big Bang that took place 13.8 billion years ago, it blows my mind. It is also inconceivable to think there are planets so far away from earth that it takes billions of years for light to reach us. In effect, we are getting a snapshot from a non-existent world, far, far in the distant past.

For someone with a highly active imagination, the thought of distant galaxies with trillions of Earth-like planets seems like a probability. Certainly, writers like Sir Arthur Charles Clarke have written several novels including ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ that explore the possibility of space travel. This book was later adapted into a highly influential movie (of the same name) in 1968 by iconic director Stanley Kubrick. As well as being exploited by the film industry this captivating topic has also inspired many watchmakers. Here are four watches that are literally out of this world.  » Read more