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I have recently become very interested in wristwatches that display multiple time zones. Although quartz watches like Diesel’s Mr Daddy 2.0 provide this function adequately I like the concept of a Swiss automatic with this feature. Many timepieces have dual time zones that are controlled by an individual movement. The problem I have found is that they haven’t got the facility to operate in increments of 30 minutes. Realistically there are two solutions available to remedy this issue. The first option is to purchase the revolutionary Legacy N°1 from MB & F, which costs $92,000 or Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance around 180,000. Unfortunately, due to the exclusive nature of these exquisite watches the price point, this isn’t viable for most people (including me). The second alternative is to buy a timepiece, which contains more than one movement. Here are five superb watches (I personally own) that successfully illustrate this point.

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Recently I have been creating some really radical new watch designs on my iPad Pro. With the software now available it is relatively easy to produce high-quality illustrations quickly. This allows me to present them to potential clients on a global scale. However, unless you are a household name it is very hard to entice buyers away from brands like Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, etc. At the higher end, the competition is even more ferocious because the groups (Swatch, Richemont, LVHM) have enormous marketing budgets. That is why independent watchmakers focus on awards to level the playing field. A great example is Bovet who has just won the coveted GPHG 2018 Aiguille d’Or for their magnificent Récital 22 Grand Récital. » Read more

A few nights ago I went to a very posh soirée to celebrate a good friend’s 45th birthday. The event was absolutely fantastic and the guests were treated like royalty. Highlights included professional catering, live music and the host even treated us to a beautiful Debussy recital on the grand piano. I was fortunate enough to spend the evening in the company of a retired Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon. He is a pretty youthful 60-year old who has just designed and project managed a large scale residential project. Even though we like different styles of buildings I am sure he would appreciate the aesthetic of Villa Vingt. » Read more

A few days ago I had a very interesting meeting with a Professor of design at the city campus of Uni (university) SA in Adelaide. The main topic hinged around industrial design and the projects the students focused on. Interestingly all of their work was targeted at medical, defence, age care sectors etc. rather than a luxury lifestyle. This surprised me because I feel Australia hasn’t really exploited this market at all. Certainly, with a decline in manufacturing and a non-existent automobile industry there need to be a whole new mindset. Fortunately, a few artisans are striving to rectify this by creating some innovative products. A great example can be found in Lee Gray who is the CEO of exclusive brand Kyron Audio. » Read more

Compared to life in England I would say that Australia has major advantages. For example, the weather is very mild and there are many world class beaches. That is why many British emigrate to this idyllic region in their droves. Outdoor living certainly is a privilege and encourage there are no excuses for lack of exercise. Many of friend haven’t succumbed to indoor gym life. Instead, they have pursued water activities like swimming, surfing, sailing and kite surfing. Interesting these guys are not interested in horology per-se, but do love a great divers watch. That is why I am sure they would approve of phenomenal timepiece Ocean Navigator Meteorite by Ocean Crawler. » Read more

Recently I have been seriously considering returning back to University to do an Honours (Masters) or PhD in industrial design. Over the last few years and in conjunction with several books I have written this subject has become highly appealing. I conveyed these thoughts to a few tutors and they connected me with some local talent. Even though Australia hasn’t really exploited the luxury market there are some innovators in this region. For example, Lee Gray established a high-end audio company called Kyron, which he has successfully globalised. When we met recently I told him about a visionary mechanical engineer called Paolo Mastrogiuseppe. This creative powerhouse invents the most extraordinary Espresso machines and is an inspiration to aspiring designers. » Read more

A few weeks ago I invested in a top of the range 12.9” iPad Pro to produce some very detailed drawings. The problem is there are so many available Apps on the market. Don’t get me wrong this is a major advance in technology as most of them are free (or competitively priced). Finally, after installing/trialling several programs I have mostly been using Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Sketch. Essentially these Apps enable me to create realistic professional artwork to present to clients. However, as a designer, I am mindful not to over complicate concepts (at this stage) because manufacturing these products might not be possible. In contrast companies like MB & F don’t seem to have these constraints. That is why they can invent incredible timepieces like the new HM9. » Read more

A few months ago I decided to embark on an art based project with my 9-year old son. The challenge was to transform our generic modern white box into something a bit more unusual. However, as the budget was tight we had to be very creative in our approach and broke into stages. After weeks of deliberation, we completed phase one and clad the house in a charred timber called Shou Sugi Ban. This innovative technique originated in Japan and has become very popular with contemporary architects. Interestingly we are the first homeowners to use this distinctive material in South Australia. The second phase involved commissioning a local artist (SA Screen Creations) to manufacture some Cor-ten steel laser cut panels, which were mounted on the fence and vertical columns of our home. They also work perfectly with our large fish sculpture, which is fabricated from salvaged agricultural machinery. » Read more