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The last 12 months has been an exceptionally busy and prolific time for me. I have now had three books published (‘Limited Edition Watches’, ‘Luxury Design for Living’, ‘Modern Masters’) and completed three more projects. One of these publications is specifically about independent watchmakers and features my ‘Pure Carbon’ timepiece. With a diameter of 67mm (excluding the crown) this creation is the world’s largest Swiss mechanical carbon fiber watch. It is also the first piece to feature 3D carbon hands. As a massive additional bonus I have also produced a third bespoke unique 1/1 timepiece (called the ‘Hemisphere’) which is also included in the book. » Read more

Recently I completed my 5th book for a renowned publisher about independent watchmakers. Most of the selections were exceptionally high end and in many cases bespoke 1/1 creations. However, I was able to include a few affordable options and even was fortunate enough to present my ‘Pure Carbon’. This timepiece took over two years to develop and I had to call in quite a few favours. In fact, without the assistance of Ben Birkett (watchmaker/restoration expert) there is no way this project would ever have materialized. This experience certainly is humbling because I can now appreciate how difficult it is to deliver a unique watch to the market. Sure there are many mass produced generic Chinese (Rolex inspired models) widely available. However, if you want something truly special at a realistic price then a designer like Mark Carson has the answer. » Read more

Back in 2014 after writing about horology for a few years I decided to design my own watch. Even though many of the high end watchmakers are creating incredible concepts, entry level timepieces (at the time) seemed pretty bland by comparison. Effectively you can buy a generic stock watch from a Chinese manufacturer, customise the dial with your logo and establish a label. Certainly, there is a market for this type of timepiece but I wanted to adopt a more experimental and inventive approach. That is why I drew inspiration from a clock devised by famous industrial designer George Nelson. The result was a completely bespoke watch called the Polaris. Subsequently this piece featured in Esquire Magazine (Singapore/Malaysia) and a book I wrote for Schiffer Publishing called ‘Limited Edition Watches’.

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As well as writing books and articles for my website and international magazines I also love designing watches. Originally my first prototype called the Polaris was an experiment to get a clearer insight of how the watch industry works. However, it now has become more of a passion and I have recently completed my second timepiece. This more radical piece will be featured on Total Design Reviews in the very near future. » Read more

Over the last 6 months I have been working on a diverse range of projects including a book about independent watchmakers. From the very outset (when I first established my website) I have always been captivated by this subject. The world of horology is an ever changing landscape that has recently experienced a financial down turn. Certainly devices like the Apple watch (smart technology in general) has had an impact but they are not the only factor involved. Essentially beautifully crafted timepieces are considered a luxury and not a necessity. However, for me wearing a striking watch is part of my DNA so I would always make this investment. » Read more

Since I changed my website from Horology to design, it really has expanded the amount of topics I can feature. Whether it be furniture, appliances, clothes, automobiles, timepieces etc. my preference is custom made. To a certain extent there are crucial geographic regions that are considered more prestigious than others. For example, if you are purchasing a watch, Swiss made has highest reputation, similarly Italian for clothes and German for appliances. However, there are many other micro companies (in different countries) that are manufacturing innovative, high quality products. A great example can be found in Utah based company Kodiak Leather. » Read more

The tourbillon was originally developed and patented in 1795 by renowned watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. Essentially this technological advancement (which is an addition to the escapement mechanism) was invented to counter the effects of gravity and make the timepiece more accurate. However, in the present world of horology this innovation signifies a level of skill and prestige rather than functionality. Many watch collectors will pay huge amounts of money for the chance to own one of these exquisite creations. That is why brands have reacted accordingly with some outrageously bold and innovative designs. In some cases, these magnificent watches have multiple tourbillons rotating on different axis. No longer is this just an instrument that tells the time but more of a sublime piece of wrist art. Here are some great examples, which display why this mechanism is considered the holy grail of watchmaking.  » Read more

Over the last few months I have been writing three different books about a range of different subjects. One of the projects focuses on independent watchmakers and their fine achievements. Ultimately what I want to illustrate is what makes these artisans so special. In many instances they work in converted workshops at home, which I imagine, could be quite an isolating experience. There is also the factor that freelance work of this nature is very precarious, especially concerning finances. However, this doesn’t seem to stifle creativity and some of the timepieces I am featuring are absolutely magnificent. » Read more