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There are many places that I wish to visit, and the Middle East is one of them. A few years ago, I wrote a massive feature about Baselword and SIHH (now called Watch & Wonders for Esquire in Dubai. I also wrote had the privilege of writing a review about my own jacket brand (Morley Rose) for Collection Magazine. This publication is based in Lebanon but distributed extensively through the gulf regions. However, apart from a stopover at Dubai International Airport, I have never visited any countries in the Arab Peninsula. » Read more

Just over 10-years ago I became a father and it’s the proudest moment of my life. I would be affectionately called an older dad because there’s a 42-year age gap between me and my son. Add to the mix we live in a digital age and so there is a huge generational disparity as well. One of the ways we have connected is via sport and in particular tennis. In my era tennis legends like Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe battled it out with wooden tennis racquets. However, technology has vastly improved over the years and sports equipment manufacturer Head is at the forefront. Recently, Novak Djokovic won his 9th Australian open title using the SPEED PRO, which is made of Graphene (360+ technology). » Read more

At the moment the news is dominated by COVID-19 and that is having a broad impact worldwide. In Australia, people are purchasing toilet rolls like they are going out of fashion. it is a worrying time and is a reminder of how fragile our planet really is. Nevertheless (in the best way possible) it is good to maintain some type of normality. That is why I am still focusing on writing on delivering decent content about talented designers. A great example is William Volcoff who is the self-proclaimed creative mastermind of WOLKOV. Certainly, I believe that statement is meant in a playful manner. However, judging by the quality of his new Super Chrome Edition it is apparent William is abundantly talented.

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A few weeks ago I discovered a really cool Pilot watch by Mitchell Timepieces just launched on Kickstarter. The owner of the company is an Airforce veteran called Quenton McCallister who is fascinated by Military aviation. That is why his debut watch named the Raider is inspired by historic events at the end of World War II. Notably, it’s a tribute to General Doolittle who led historic raid over Tokyo on April 18, 1942, in his B25 Mitchell bomber.

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If you are looking to purchase a really cool limited edition (500-pieces) watch at a price that won’t break the bank I would highly recommend the Maestrale GMT by Viqueria. This is the brands third and probably the most distinctive model. Features like a solid titanium case, sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel insert and Super-LumiNova C3 treatment on hands, bezel etc give the timepiece a really high-quality appearance. The watch is also water-resistant to a depth of 500-metres and therefore is suitable for professional diving. » Read more

Everybody is aware of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) which is having a devastating effect on global trading. Recently news came through that the two largest watch shows (Baselworld and Watch & Wonders) were not proceeding this year as a consequence. Even though the rumour mills had been suggesting this might happen it still came as a shock. When I visited Baselword in 2015 it became apparent of the importance of shows like this for brands. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what happens on the horological horizon this year. » Read more

The last few weeks have been a very sad time in the watch industry mainly due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Baselword and Watch & Wonders (formerly SIHH) announced they were cancelling their shows. This epidemic has had serious consequences for brands and RJ Romain Jerome has fallen the first victim to the virus. Even Hublot (LVMH) had announced a 70% decline in retail sales. However, it isn’t all bad news because there are many smaller labels like Iconic Timepieces that are making their mark on Kickstarter. Certainly, their distinctive Halocline Dive Watch has caught the interest of buyers, because the campaign is already funded. » Read more

One of the main pleasures of being a writer is getting the opportunity to review really cool products and in particular watches. In the last decade, the horological landscape has massively changed and designs are becoming more radical. Essentially, brands are trying to push the boundaries to survive in a very competitive industry. Certainly, Smartwatch technology has had a major impact. Another more recent factor is the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. As a consequence of this outbreak, Baselword and Watch & Wonders have announced they will be cancelling their shows. This could potentially have a devasting effect on small microbrands who rely on this type of publicity. However, there are small craftsmen like Igor Gudiy that have found other outlets to sell their bespoke timepieces. » Read more