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As mentioned in previous articles I have always had a penchant for leather jackets. Something about the texture, quality and overall aesthetic massively appeals to me. Ultimately that is why I have no amassed quite an impressive collection of exclusive brands like Armani, Dsquared 2, Dolce & Gabanna, Julius 7, Vivienne Westwood etc. In fact, some of these jackets are very unusual and exceedingly rare. As a designer, this prompted me to design my own unique blazers and potentially launch my own brand later in the year. » Read more

A few years ago myself, wife and then 2-year old son decided to emigrate from the UK to South Australia. Even though this was a monumental move we retained properties in England just in case we didn’t adjust to the Antipodean lifestyle. However, 6-years on we all agree that it was the best decision we ever made. Sure, we miss family members and good friends. Nevertheless, now we are citizens in this amazing country it would be hard to envisage moving back. » Read more

Just over two years ago I wrote a feature about an emerging brand called LIV Swiss Watches and their flagship model called the GX1-A. The review was such a resounding success that I was very interested in writing a follow up article. It is very rare that I would normally contemplate producing another editorial about the same timepiece. However, the conception of the GX1 and subsequent GX1-A is definitely noteworthy. » Read more

Now that Baselworld has finished brands will be able to draw breath and resume a relative sense of normality again. Even though the show was significantly smaller than previous years the level of creativity certainly wasn’t stifled. In my opinion the overall uncertainty and turbulence in the industry has forced brands to operate outside their comfort zone. Even the large corporates delivered some unpredictable offerings. However, in my highlights all of the mechanical marvels (with the exception of two watches) were well beyond the consumer’s budgets. » Read more

In the last few years high quality fashion apparel has become a lot more accessible. Even though I love exclusive brands like Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Prada, Gucci and Dsquared 2 etc. they are not massively affordable. That is why British footwear company Eves & Gray has had such a resounding success. They produce a range of traditional classics like brogues, loafers and Chelsea boots with a vibrant contemporary twist. The same can be said about progressive Miami based brand Ace Marks. » Read more

It is unbelievable to think 3 years I made the monumental journey from South Australia to Baselworld in Switzerland. Even though I was still recovering from a severe hip fracture the experience was phenomenal. Each day I was working 14 hours but enjoying myself like a kid in a sweet shop. Special moments included meeting a lot of my watchmaking heroes and viewing magnificent timepieces I had previously only dreamt of. However, even at this stage there was a dark cloud looming over the show, which doesn’t seem to have lifted. Essentially what I mean is that Apple and other smart device manufacturers were having a profound impact on the market. » Read more

Recently Schiffer Books kindly sent me copies of two books that had recently been published. The titles are Luxury Design for Living and Modern Masterpieces. Both feature some of the most exclusive residential homes in the world. From the outset Schiffer wanted to focus on luxurious properties with a strictly contemporary aesthetic. However, (as an exception) they did allow me to include a phenomenal German housing and office complex called Sonnenhof by J Mayer H Architects. Essentially this radical development is a perfect solution to modern day inner city living. » Read more

Presently work is being carried out to transform the façade of our home in South Australia. Even though the residence has a contemporary appearance it is generic and typical of a lot of houses in the region. Ultimately that is why I devised a radical design theme that was also reasonably affordable. Previously, I have renovated several properties in the UK and have a general passion for architecture. That is what prompted me to write several books about the subject. » Read more