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A few years ago I had a freak tennis accident that dramatically changed my life. Essentially I shattered my wrist (in several places) and broke my neck of the femur. As a consequence, I was unable to walk and actually ended up in a wheelchair for over 6-months. Rather than get depressed about my predicament it became the catalyst to change my lifestyle and analyze my diet. Four years down the path (after reading books about healthy eating) I am now 20kg lighter and feel more creatively focused than ever. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have an occupation that is flexible as mine and so other motivators need to apply. One of these is an innovative active footrest created by acclaimed designer Vincent Fourdrinier. » Read more

After months of deliberation, we finally called a company to repair the damage on our favourite car’s alloy wheels. Over the years, wheel trims have become much larger and therefore are susceptible to curb damage. Interestingly the contractor is originally from the UK and was brought up very close to where my father now resides. He also is a real character and so we had a lot to discuss. As he was leaving I noticed his small gold plated timepiece that was ironically inscribed with the word ‘Geneva’. Clearly, it was mass produced in China and proudly he informed me it only cost $5 from a local convenience store. Ultimately he had bought it for its functional value rather than aesthetic qualities. In contrast, I would only wear something that displayed some artistic merit. That is why innovative creations like the HD4-Wood from French brand Humbert-Droz really appeals to me. » Read more

Recently my 8-year old son has started taking private piano lessons. As most of his other extracurricular activities are sport related myself and my wife wanted him to develop other skills. Certainly, from an early age, he has been exposed to music and it gives him a lot of pleasure. As a child, I was encouraged by my parents to learn instruments but unfortunately didn’t capitalize on the opportunity. However, a few weeks ago I fulfilled an ambition and purchased a Minimoog synthesizer, to recreate some of the eclectic sounds (my idyll) Stevie Wonder achieved in the 1970’s. » Read more

Last year I became a citizen of Australia and feel very privileged to live in this glorious country. However, I do miss the United Kingdom and in particular its proximity to Europe. There was a time when our son (now 8 years old) was a baby and went on several cruises. Probably the highlight for me was a 7-day Scandinavian trip which embarked at places like Amsterdam, Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Stockholm. As an avid fan of Danish and Swedish dramas, I was very keen to visit these locations. Certainly, they exceeded my expectations and in my opinion were the epitome of style. That is why it is no surprise there are a lot of exciting brands like Pauli Caspieri emerging from this region. » Read more

As an author/writer, I am always looking for new and exciting projects to sink my teeth into. Even when I devise an interesting concept it might not always appeal to my publisher. Sometime they might like the subject a lot but feel it will not resonate with their target market. Unfortunately, that is the reality of life and financial viability is sometimes integral to the success of a project. The same parallel can be made in the highly competitive world of horology. I have spoken with many brands who have created extraordinary timepieces but the figures simply do not stack up. Fortunately, Switzerland based company Gorilla Watches has managed to find that even balance. » Read more

About a couple of weeks ago I met with a neighbour who informed me that he was planning to list his house on the market in November. He also asked if we would be interested in a personal viewing the property with an intention of potentially buying it. The home is approximately 6 years old and has some very interesting bespoke features. Certainly, it is far superior to most of the generic residences in the area. However, it didn’t tick all the boxes and therefore we couldn’t justify moving. Ultimately we liked the property but didn’t fall in love. I would imagine most buyers feel the same way and that is why they decide to go down the self-build route. This way (within reason) you can achieve the finish and layout desired. » Read more

Two years ago my physician wife was invited to attend a medical conference in Wellington, New Zealand. Fortunately, due to great timing, myself and eight-year son also travel on the trip. Even though Wellington is a relatively small capital city it is absolutely crammed full of culture. For example, the city boasts some extraordinary cutting-edge modern architecture and some delightful historical buildings like St. Paul’s church. There are also many superb tourist attractions like Te Papa Tongarewa (Museum of New Zealand) Zealandia, amazing Red Rock Reserve (where you can spot seals) and the sensational Wellington Chocolate Factory. » Read more

A few years ago I visited Baselworld and met up with several prominent watchmakers. The majority were targeting exclusive buyers and therefore attending the event was an absolute prerequisite. When I spoke with Maximilian Busser and Charris Yadigaroglou (Chief Communications Officer) at MB & F they said that this show equated to a large proportion of their annual revenue. That is why I only got to speak with Max briefly because his itinerary literally was full to the brim. However, for smaller watch labels this huge scale trade fair isn’t an option due to the overall expense. That is why they have to rely on different recourses. A great example can be found in Hong Kong-based company Andersmann Watch. » Read more