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Recently I have been commissioned to write a book (by a renowned publisher) about Luxury Design. As the concept was originally mine, I can include products that I really like within certain parameters. Working on this project has been exceptional fun and very informative. Even though not all of the selections are beyond reach most of them are reserved for the elite. Primarily the reason why most of these creations are exceptionally expensive is because of the level of craftsmanship, design and meticulous attention to detail. If I ever get the opportunity to publish a second edition, then MB & F’s extraordinary Balthazar would have to be on the shortlist. » Read more


Approximately eighteen months ago I had the privilege of attending the world watch fair in Basel, Switzerland. Even though I had to pay for the trip out of my own pocket the experience was definitely worthwhile. As well as trying on an exquisite range of timepieces  (that I could only dream of previously) I also met some of my watch industry heroes. Most of them were very humble, gracious and genuine. They even spared the time to inspect the watch I had designed in collaboration with Frank Heydrich. Certainly I would recommend that anyone who is passionate about horology in general to visit Baselworld. This event is presented on a grand scale and is a true spectacle. » Read more

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These days I don’t feature as many watches on my website as I previously did. Ultimately that is because I wanted to feature a broader range of products. However, I still take a very keen interest in the world of horology. Unlike some writers I am not particularly interested in the politics of the industry or who is the latest ambassador. My primary objective is to feature timepieces that are original and in my opinion well designed. Certainly the Luna Exacte from Andreas Strehler meets both these criteria. » Read more

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Many of my friends say that their favourite destination to travel is Singapore. Ultimately this is because the city offers a very safe and clean family environment. Certainly when I travelled there about two years ago I found this to be the case. I also found the people to be very sincere and accommodating. In particular, the co owner of Avant Grade watch brand Azimuth, Alvin Lye. » Read more

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For the last few years I have focused on writing articles about innovative watchmakers. The experience has certainly made me appreciate the difficulties in establishing a profitable and sustainable brand. Even if you come up with amazing designs it has to appeal to enough buyers/collectors to make the business viable. That is why watchmakers ultimately need the support of high end retailers to keep their dreams alive. A few companies that have attained this monumental achievement are Louis Moinet, MB & F, Urwerk and Cabestan. » Read more

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Over the last four years I have seen many changes in the world horology. Certainly it isn’t anywhere near as buoyant as it was and many companies have completely disappeared. For that reason, it is hard to build sustainable relationships because it is a transient industry. For example, key marketing staff (who have waxed lyrical about their products) have moved into completely unrelated fields. However, there are credible people that have stayed the course and made prudent choices. A great example is a gentleman called Kalust Zorik. » Read more

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After many years in different occupations a good friend of mine has started painting again. He was always very talented and in 1990’s became a very successful illustrator. However certain factors made him pursue other interests and art was really left on the back burner. Fortunately, he now is working on a much larger scale and his subject matter has become a lot more interesting. In fact, he has done several works featuring characters from Star Wars and a really cool picture featuring a 1950’s style toy robot. Ultimately this prompted me to tell him about Azimuth and in particular their wonderful Mr Roboto wrist watch. » Read more

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The one observation about the world of horology I have made over the last few years is how transient it is. For example, I have had in depth conversations with many senior managers who have waxed lyrical about their brands timepieces. They have eloquently given me a synopsis of the company history and why their watches are so special. However, in many cases (not all) there seems to be a lack of conviction in their messages. That is why it is no surprise to find out that many of these people are now working in completely unrelated industries. Obviously I am generalizing to make a point but I do find that a lot of independent watchmakers are more passionate about their work compared to…big brands. A prime example is the owner of Louis Moinet Jean-Marie Schaller. » Read more