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Over the last 6 months I have been working on a diverse range of projects including a book about independent watchmakers. From the very outset (when I first established my website) I have always been captivated by this subject. The world of horology is an ever changing landscape that has recently experienced a financial down turn. Certainly devices like the Apple watch (smart technology in general) has had an impact but they are not the only factor involved. Essentially beautifully crafted timepieces are considered a luxury and not a necessity. However, for me wearing a striking watch is part of my DNA so I would always make this investment. » Read more

The tourbillon was originally developed and patented in 1795 by renowned watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. Essentially this technological advancement (which is an addition to the escapement mechanism) was invented to counter the effects of gravity and make the timepiece more accurate. However, in the present world of horology this innovation signifies a level of skill and prestige rather than functionality. Many watch collectors will pay huge amounts of money for the chance to own one of these exquisite creations. That is why brands have reacted accordingly with some outrageously bold and innovative designs. In some cases, these magnificent watches have multiple tourbillons rotating on different axis. No longer is this just an instrument that tells the time but more of a sublime piece of wrist art. Here are some great examples, which display why this mechanism is considered the holy grail of watchmaking.  » Read more

Over the last few months I have been writing three different books about a range of different subjects. One of the projects focuses on independent watchmakers and their fine achievements. Ultimately what I want to illustrate is what makes these artisans so special. In many instances they work in converted workshops at home, which I imagine, could be quite an isolating experience. There is also the factor that freelance work of this nature is very precarious, especially concerning finances. However, this doesn’t seem to stifle creativity and some of the timepieces I am featuring are absolutely magnificent. » Read more

Over the last few years I have written numerous articles about exquisite watches and developed a rare insight into the politics of the industry. So many marketing executives that have worked for the large corporations have subsequently left to pursue careers in entirely different fields. Interestingly these people wanted full editorial control of my reviews, which obviously I didn’t consent to. It wasn’t so much about the fine timepieces but more about the message they wanted to convey. I can relate to this to a certain extent (because at the end of the day it is a business) but there also has to be a degree of passion. This is why I have always gravitated to smaller independent watchmakers like Torsten Nagengast. » Read more

Since relocating to Australia 5 years ago I have barely travelled overseas. Infact, the trips I have made to Singapore and Switzerland were purely business related. Certainly I would love to experience different cultures, cuisines and different landscapes. To a certain extent you can do all this in Australia for a fraction of the cost and without the need for a passport. This is definitely an advantage for me at the moment because I have several pressing work commitments. However, there are places like Hawaii, Japan, China that I would love to visit. Another famous city that has always appealed to me is Cuba’s vibrant capital Havana. As well as having an exciting nightlife they are also the home to cool watch brand Cuervo y Sobrinos. » Read more

I vividly remember many films from my childhood like Superman, Star Wars and Jaws with great fondness. A few years later whilst I was at college, a really cool movie was released called ‘Back to the Future’ starring the enigmatic actor Michael J Fox as Marty McFly. Even though this picture might not have aged that well and the special effects look really dated, it still was a lot of fun. In the second instalment (1989) the future part takes place in the year 2015. Two years ago (in 2015) many media outlets ran stories to highlight which of the inventions featured in the film actually did become a reality. Certainly time machines (as far as I am aware) don’t exist but there are companies that do sell Hoverboards. » Read more

As everyone is aware the watch industry (in general) is experiencing a pretty turbulent time. In fact, within the corporate domain it is a musical chair type of scenario. By that I mean senior executives are moving from one company to another on a frequent basis. Ultimately this instability probably doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in consumers. In contrast smaller independents seem to be flourishing with exciting innovative designs and very attractive pricing structures. A great example can be found in Hong Kong based brand CJR Watches. » Read more

As a designer I enjoy sketching various concepts for timepieces that I would love to develop. Certainly I will always be grateful to renowned Jet engineer Frank Heydrich for helping me to produce my Polaris. It really made me appreciate how difficult and expensive it is for brands to develop prototypes. Sure there are many Chinese companies that will supply generic style watches with a company logo. However, if you want to do something more experimental and interesting it becomes a lot more challenging. For example, I am presently working with an Adelaide watchmaker to create a very unique timepiece. So far this project has taken well over a year because none of the components are standard. If I had commissioned a Swiss manufacturer to make one sample the cost would have been astronomical. » Read more