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On rare occasions (time permitting) I love to visit my local library and leisurely flick through the pages of ‘Men’s Health Magazine’. Even though this publication does have articles about bodybuilding it also enough diverse content to satisfy a broader demographic. For example, they have a strong focus on general nutrition and in particularly healthy food. To a large extent I mainly eat a non-processed diet and at a ripe old age of 50 feel better than ever. However, this doesn’t stop me from drinking alcohol (in moderation) and succumbing to indulgences like dark chocolate. In fact, the latter was the subject of my last book, which hopefully will be released in early 2019. » Read more

In the last 6 years (since moving to Australia) I have really come to appreciate the most important things in life. As a father and a husband, the key priority is ensuring my families general well being. Ultimately this means purchasing reliable safe cars and a dependable security system. Like most people, we have smoke detectors installed and a decent enough burglar alarm. We also have a private intercom with an integrated camera. However, in the modern world sometimes these precautionary measures are still not enough. That is why I was intrigued to learn about the Arlo Pro 2 from Netgear. » Read more

Presently I have been collaborating with some very talented craftsman on a series of design projects. One great example is a bespoke watch concept platform called Paolo Mathai, which is named after my 8-years old son. So far (with an enormous amount of help) I have created 3 unique Swiss mechanical timepieces with another 3 in the pipeline. This creative experience has had a profound effect on the way I write because of the challenges involved. If you are a micro brand trying to break into a competitive industry (dominated by Swatch, LVMH, and Richemont) finances are normally a major consideration. However, despite all these obstacles Égard Watch Company has attracted a huge loyal following. » Read more

When I started my art degree over 30-years ago in England life was massively different from what it is now. My specialty was Illustration and at the time Manchester Metropolitan University (formerly Manchester Polytechnic) offered the best course in the country. However, they had limited resources, which meant that students had to rely solely on traditional methods like drawing, painting, printing etc. Presently I still have a lot of friends who work in animation and they now use professional digital software (combined with these skills) to do the same job. They also need to send large graphics files globally and therefore rely on a fast reliable internet service. » Read more

Over the last few months, I have written several articles about craft gin makers. This subject has really captivated me and many hipsters on a global level. For this alcoholic drink to be certified as Gin it has to have a juniper berry base. That is why I could only include certain products in my recent series of editorials. However, in many regions of Australia, there are several micro distillers that are producing other interesting beverages. Ultimately this prompted to publish another review to shine a light on the fine talents of these four amazing companies. » Read more

The other night we invited our friends John and Louise for a meal at our house. As we haven’t seen them for several years there was a lot to discuss including design, architecture, art, horology etc. John is a senior doctor that works insane hours (including weekends) and therefore likes to indulge himself occasional. One of his passions in life is collecting vintage automobiles and in particular sports cars. That is why he was excited when I informed about a new timepiece called the Gran Turismo by Azimuth. This incredible watch is inspired by the curvaceous forms of 1960’s classic Porsches. » Read more

Late last year (2017) I researched the exciting world of craft gin making and actually wrote several articles about this fascinating subject. This unique form of distilling seems to have really resonated with consumers in on a global scale. In fact, in Australia, there are several bars exclusively dedicated to this pure tasting Juniper based spirit. For that reason, it has enticed the youthful exuberance of many budding entrepreneurs to enter this lucrative market.

Over the last few months, I have become addicted to gin and rather than mixing with (the traditional choice) of tonic opted for soda water. Ultimately this allows me to appreciate the bold botanical essences used. As the passion for this exciting topic hasn’t diminished I decided to do a follow-up article to include some new and exciting varieties. Here are five really distinctive spirits that I would highly recommend. » Read more

Prior to making the life-changing decision to relocate (halfway across the world) to Australia, I was embarking on a career as a fine artist. Even though my portrait paintings were a decent enough standard I couldn’t compete against the world’s finest. Therefore, I had to adopt, a different strategy, which meant a radical change of subject matter. After visiting the spectacular Keukenhof in the Netherlands I had an epiphany. These amazing gardens are some of the largest in the world and display and an extraordinary array of beautiful tulips. From that moment I became fascinated with flowers and especially with water droplets. Fortunately, international galleries also shared my passion. In fact, if I hadn’t moved to Adelaide, I would have definitely signed up with a prestigious company in Helsinki. » Read more