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Since initiating contact with Frank Heydrich about a few years ago I have become more and more interested in the unique qualities of Meteorite. I have also been amazed at how many other watchmakers share my views. In a previous article entitled ‘Meteorite Watches’ I featured five really well respected watchmakers. The editorial included Frank’s No.50 Hypershark, Louis Moinet’s Tourbillon Watch, Antoine Preziuso’s Tourbillon T 21 Munionalusta (with a case constructed from Meteorite), RJ Romain Jerome 1969 Heavy Metal Meteorite and BLU Open Planet-Meteorite. Other brands like Corum, Arnold & Son, Jaquet Droz and Rolex have also used this organic material to good effect. » Read more

With so many bloggers and diet websites emerging the advice massively seems to vary on a weekly basis. The internet is a minefield of conflicting information and literally anyone can become a food guru (regardless of qualifications and expertise). However, most people would agree that eliminating processed food can achieve profound effects. I am living testament to that theory because my weight (over 2 years) dropped 24kg and my resting heart rate is around 42.

A few years ago I got diagnosed with Coeliac disease and therefore had to radically change my diet. Initially, I ate gluten free alternatives (bread, pasta etc.) but found these products contained less fibre and more sugar. Therefore, I replaced these with healthier alternatives like nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit. In fact, nowadays I eat a huge paleo type (grain free) breakfast that fuels me for the whole day. This was really the catalyst for this article because I wanted to showcase some exceptional hand crafted granola’s available on the market. Here are five micro brands that I would highly recommend. » Read more

I have never been a massive drinker and only indulge on special occasions with friends. Even before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease I decided to cut out beer. Over the last few years I have gravitated towards wine and particular the rich red variety. Certainly living in South Australia there is an abundance of superb world class winemakers. However, even this beverage (which is absolutely delicious) sometimes can sit heavy. That is why a spirit like gin appeals to me.

Presently the craft gin industry is experiencing a renaissance period and the demographic has vastly changed. This is because distillers are producing a purer (chemical free) product infused with native botanicals. The flavour profiles are delicate and in my opinion very sophisticated. That is why you are more likely to see a cool 20-year old hipster drinking this sublime beverage (in a trendy bar) rather than a someone in their twilight years. Here are six amazing gins that I would highly recommend trying. » Read more

Since I became a father eight years ago my focus and perspective on life has massively changed. Even though the age gap between myself and son is substantial (42-years) we are very close. In fact, he takes a massive interest in my profession and really is interested in design in general. Ultimately this is why we work on concepts together and have developed a watch label in his name (Paolo Mathai Horology). » Read more

A few weeks ago I published several articles about Manuka honey and became pretty captivated by the subject. Although a lot of corporates have purchased expensive UMF (Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association) licenses to enable them to sell this product I mainly focused on small apiaries. These New Zealand beekeepers pride themselves on creating only the highest quality product.

Mānuka honey is widely associated with New Zealand and certainly more heavily promoted in this region. However, Leptospermum scoparium (Mānuka) is also found in Tasmania and is sold be small beekeepers. The results are very impressive and I wanted to celebrate their talents in separate stand alone article. Ultimately this is because they also produce many other unusual varieties of delicious honey as well. » Read more

Presently one the watch industries most prestigious events has just come to a successful conclusion. The show I am referring to is SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) which is dominated mostly by brands in the Richemont Group. This year watchmakers Hermès, Carré des Horlogers, Armin Strom, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud, DeWitt, F.P.Journe and Romain Gauthier also attended for the first time. Certainly (as usual) there were many phenomenal timepieces to delight the discerning crowds. However, these novelties are what I would describe as aspirational and beyond the budgets of most people. That is why on Total Design Reviews I like to offer readers more affordable alternatives (as well as luxury) like SNGLRTY by Swiss Reimagined. » Read more

A few nights ago I watched a captivating documentary about the life and career of Harry Seidler. Since I moved to Australia four years ago I have become more and more fascinated with contemporary architecture. I don’t mean the generic box like dwellings that occupy most suburbs around the world. Ultimately I am talking about sustainable buildings that have involved serious consideration and are designed to last the test of time. Certainly this was Harry Seidler’s primary objective. » Read more

This Christmas were fortunate enough to spend time with our friend Jacob in Dover, Tasmania, Australia. Originally we had met Jacob when we booked his Quarry Hill Lookout holiday home (featured on Total Design Reviews) around this time last year. He is a very amicable bloke so we stayed in touch and he kindly invited us to spend the festive season with him. He also wanted to show us how his cookery school was progressing. Certainly we were impressed with the overall result especially the industrial style kitchen with a bespoke cantilever bench. This was co designed with local craftsman Mark, who is also in the process of creating his own cantilever house. » Read more