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Recently in Australia, there has been a lot of controversy concerning the origin of Aboriginal paintings. Over the last few year’s demands has increased exponentially and some unscrupulous people are exploiting the situation. A few days ago I watched a very insightful interview with Stan Yarramunua who as a youth made some foolish choices. He massively turned his life around and now owns several galleries in Melbourne. All the paintings he sells are authentic and the proceeds go to the indigenous artist. Certainly, there are many counterfeit works flooding the market so it is crucial to know the provenance. The same parallel can be made in the world of horology and that is why it is essential you purchase a watch from a reliable source. » Read more

It is fair to say that over the last few years I have become a lot more health conscious. Maybe it is a mid-life crisis (as I turned 50 last year) or that fatherhood has had a profound effect on my lifestyle. When I was at University in the 1980’s processed food was cheap and abundant. Therefore, like most students, I indulged in carbs, saturated fat, and sugars. Mixed with alcohol it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain why I felt sluggish and fatigued. Fortunately, I saw the light and now am a lot more discerning when it comes to my dietary requirements. This really was the catalyst for writing a book about dark chocolate (scheduled for early 2019). » Read more

Presently my wife and I have completely opposing views of where to send our eight-year-old to school. She wants to send him one of Adelaide’s most prestigious city based establishments, which focus on academia. Certainly, I want the best for my son Paolo but feel he might flourish at one the private schools in the suburbs. In fact, my preferred choice has a suburb music programme and sports facilities. As well as being a natural tennis player Paolo also is very interested in design and particularly cars. This is an area we bond because I write about many automotive-inspired timepieces including the superb new G5 from US brand Giorgio Piola. » Read more

Prior to being diagnosed with Coeliac disease a few years ago, I was pretty fanatical about bread. Whilst I was at University in the late 1980’s this high carb food was probably my staple. In fact, I devoured literally half a loaf every meal time and massively enjoyed the experience. At this stage (due to youthful naivety) I didn’t worry about bloating, stomach cramps and constant fatigue. Now in my early fifties, I am much more discerning about my diet. Ultimately this became the catalyst for reading several health books and promoting like-minded brands. A great example can be found in Queensland based company Herman Brot. » Read more

Recently I was discussing design with a progressive local (Adelaide based) architect called Luke Jones from C4 Architects. Working for a broad spectrum of clients (with massively different budgets) it is integral they arrive at the best solution. Ultimately where costs are a serious consideration (the majority of cases) involves a huge amount of creatively to achieve the optimum aesthetic. Certainly, bespoke details can transform a project from a generic box into something much more special. The same can be said about watchmaking and especially in the current climate. » Read more

A few years ago I had a freak tennis accident that dramatically changed my life. Essentially I shattered my wrist (in several places) and broke my neck of the femur. As a consequence, I was unable to walk and actually ended up in a wheelchair for over 6-months. Rather than get depressed about my predicament it became the catalyst to change my lifestyle and analyze my diet. Four years down the path (after reading books about healthy eating) I am now 20kg lighter and feel more creatively focused than ever. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have an occupation that is flexible as mine and so other motivators need to apply. One of these is an innovative active footrest created by acclaimed designer Vincent Fourdrinier. » Read more

After months of deliberation, we finally called a company to repair the damage on our favourite car’s alloy wheels. Over the years, wheel trims have become much larger and therefore are susceptible to curb damage. Interestingly the contractor is originally from the UK and was brought up very close to where my father now resides. He also is a real character and so we had a lot to discuss. As he was leaving I noticed his small gold plated timepiece that was ironically inscribed with the word ‘Geneva’. Clearly, it was mass produced in China and proudly he informed me it only cost $5 from a local convenience store. Ultimately he had bought it for its functional value rather than aesthetic qualities. In contrast, I would only wear something that displayed some artistic merit. That is why innovative creations like the HD4-Wood from French brand Humbert-Droz really appeals to me. » Read more

Recently my 8-year old son has started taking private piano lessons. As most of his other extracurricular activities are sport related myself and my wife wanted him to develop other skills. Certainly, from an early age, he has been exposed to music and it gives him a lot of pleasure. As a child, I was encouraged by my parents to learn instruments but unfortunately didn’t capitalize on the opportunity. However, a few weeks ago I fulfilled an ambition and purchased a Minimoog synthesizer, to recreate some of the eclectic sounds (my idyll) Stevie Wonder achieved in the 1970’s. » Read more