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Even though watchmaker Xetum is only four years old they have already made a huge impact on the market. In 2009 the company was founded by the multi talented Jeff Kuo. In a quest to find a timepiece that combined both contemporary styling and Swiss mechanics Jeff decided to develop his own brand. The result has been a range of exciting and competitively priced watches aimed at the male sector of the market. » Read more

Generally as a rule I like to feature as broad a range of timepieces and watchmakers on Total Watch Reviews as possible. I feel this stays true to the prime objective of my website and gives the reader a more stimulating experience. It also showcases the enormous amount of quality timepieces available on the market. High luxury watch brand Linde Werdelin perfectly illustrates this point. » Read more

GoS Watches (Gustafsson and Sjögren) is a small independent watchmaker located in the idyllic location of Linköping, Sweden. In 2007 Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjögren combined a shared passion for traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship to develop their own unique brand. Even though the company was established only six years ago they have gained enormous respect throughout the industry. » Read more

Most people will know Watchismo as a cool online retailer selling a range of eclectic timepieces. Dynamic brothers Mitch and Andrew Greenblatt established the business in 1999. Previously both the brothers had worked in completely different industries. Mitch gained his experience in advertising, music and television whilst Andrew was a computer specialist. It was their combined love of watches that helped them make the transition into the wonderful world of horology. » Read more

Zeitwinkel is slowly establishing itself as a producer of fine quality watches. The unusual name refers to a unit of measurement used to calculate the “true local time”. This terminology relates to the way a sundial displays time and the seasonal variances. Currently the company’s headquarters are located in the picturesque location of St.-Imier (near La Chaux-de-Fonds) in Switzerland. » Read more

Since Jean-Claude Biver’s appointment in May 2004 Hublot has established itself firmly as one of the most innovative watchmakers in the industry. Recently I have had the pleasure of writing articles featuring many of their sublime creations. I have also been amazed at the vast array of models the company produces a year. » Read more

Recently whilst doing some research for a forthcoming article I discovered the immense talents of Kwanghun Hyun. This amazing craftsman is based in Seoul, South Korea and is a specialist metal work designer. After graduating from Hongik University in 2007 he has developed a range of products including the MMM1 watch and the unbelievable Heartbeat 1 Camera. » Read more

Milus International SA was founded in 1919 in the location of Bienne, Switzerland
 by Paul William Junod. From humble beginnings the company has become a watchmaker of distinction and is highly respected in the industry. Presently and under the guidance of General Manager Mr. Cyril Dubois, the brand’s objective is to keep producing innovative timepieces. The fantastic Zetios Chronograph ZCRC3 Limited Edition perfectly illustrates this point. » Read more