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A few years ago I had a random accident, which rendered me wheelchair bound for 6 months. Ironically the incident occurred while playing a friendly game of tennis with my wife. Essentially I had an awkward fall that broke my wrist (several places) and fractured my Neca Femur (hip). Due to my age this event massively amused the staff at the hospital I recuperated at. Even though it took me well over a year to recover properly the experience was enlightening. In fact, it was a catalyst for changing my diet and general well being. As part of my rehabilitation I was encouraged to do as much walking as possible. » Read more

Over the last few years I have become more interested in fine clothing. One of my favourite pastimes was watching movies on the silver screen and in particular starring Cary Grant. Even in his forties and fifties he was the epitome of style and timeless elegance. Ultimately this was because he was tall, athletic and was dressed by the world’s finest fashion designers. His suits were tailored to perfection and made from the finest materials. Like anything this meticulous attention to detail certainly makes a massive difference. » Read more

A few years ago (well before emigrating to Australia) I went on a fantastic Scandinavian cruise with my family. Even though the trip only lasted a week we visited famous cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg in Russia. However, because of visa restrictions and the age of my son I was unable to depart the vessel to visit the historic Hermitage museum. Another minor disappointment was that last moment Oslo was removed from the itinerary because of events that were happening in Norway at the time.

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Since I became a father eight years ago my focus and perspective on life has massively changed. Even though the age gap between myself and son is substantial (42-years) we are very close. In fact, he takes a massive interest in my profession and really is interested in design in general. Ultimately this is why we work on concepts together and have developed a watch label in his name (Paolo Mathai Horology). » Read more

Presently one the watch industries most prestigious events has just come to a successful conclusion. The show I am referring to is SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) which is dominated mostly by brands in the Richemont Group. This year watchmakers Hermès, Carré des Horlogers, Armin Strom, Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud, DeWitt, F.P.Journe and Romain Gauthier also attended for the first time. Certainly (as usual) there were many phenomenal timepieces to delight the discerning crowds. However, these novelties are what I would describe as aspirational and beyond the budgets of most people. That is why on Total Design Reviews I like to offer readers more affordable alternatives (as well as luxury) like SNGLRTY by Swiss Reimagined. » Read more

A few nights ago I watched a captivating documentary about the life and career of Harry Seidler. Since I moved to Australia four years ago I have become more and more fascinated with contemporary architecture. I don’t mean the generic box like dwellings that occupy most suburbs around the world. Ultimately I am talking about sustainable buildings that have involved serious consideration and are designed to last the test of time. Certainly this was Harry Seidler’s primary objective. » Read more

This Christmas (2017) friends kindly invited us to stay as their guests in a cottage they own in Tasmania. As the temperatures were due to soar in South Australia we jumped at the opportunity. At this time of year Hobart was hosting many events like the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and ‘Taste of Tasmania. Ultimately this meant we were unable to hire a car because we hadn’t booked in advance. Fortunately, our hosts generously loaned their car so we could engage in various activities. One of our main highlights (recommended by many people) was the amazing Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). » Read more

Just over a year ago myself and family treated ourselves to fantastic cruise around New Zealand. As a child I had always dreamed of visiting this amazing country and certainly was disappointed. In fact, arriving by ship is delightful because you are greeted by the awesome Milford Sound Fiords located at the tip of the South Island. This is one of the regions most famous tourist destinations and is described by Rudyard Kipling as the eighth Wonder of the World. As well as being considered as an area of outstanding natural beauty there are also some ground breaking residential homes. A great example is Back Country House by Ltd Architectural. » Read more