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Over the last few years, I have been privileged to fulfil many of my ambitions. These include writing several books about subjects I’m passionate about and designing numerous mechanical watches. However, even though freelance work is highly rewarding it can also be very precarious. Certainly with rising bills, everyday expenses this life doesn’t suit everyone needs. Ultimately, that is why I love writing about independent watchmakers who make huge sacrifices to realise their dreams. A great example can be found in Vincent Plomb who owns micro brand Vicenterra. » Read more

Generally, I am a cup half full type of guy and consider myself to be very privileged. About a decade ago I visited Australia for the first time to spend some quality time with my girlfriend (now wife) who was working there. As her contract had ended we had three blissful weeks together including a beautiful vacation to Queensland. One of the main attractions we enjoyed was the phenomenal Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system (comprising 2,900 individual reefs). For divers, this is the ultimate ‘bucket list’ experience and therefore demands an extra special timepiece. Here are four of the most extreme deep sea divers, watches on the market. » Read more

After I left university in 1989 I became a freelance illustrator and was represented by a prestigious artist agency. I vividly remember working to exceptionally tight deadlines and normally working for 48-hours straight to complete an artwork. Thirty years ago illustrations had to be hand delivered or sent by a courier service. They also had to be mounted on a board with an acetate sheet cover. Obviously these days everything is done digitally and can be sent worldwide with the click of a mouse. » Read more

A few months ago I attended a design forum in Tonsley, South Adelaide. Interestingly this location was formerly a thriving car plant (owned by Mitsubishi), which closed several years ago. With private and government funding the region has been regenerated beyond recognition. The site now comprises trendy townhouses, a state of the art university campus and community college. One of the key speakers at the awards was Dr Brandon Gien who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Good Design Australia Awards. Recently they decided to make their commemorative awards from recycled waste plastic recovered from the sea. » Read more

I have always been a huge film fanatic dating back to my university days. To fulfil the honours component of by ‘Bachelor in Arts’ degree I was required to write a 10,000-word dissertation. To my tutor’s surprise (horror) I opted to write about Cary Grant and his contribution to light comedy. In those days (1989) computers were not a big thing so predominantly it had to be written by hand and then forwarded to a typist. However, to my absolute delight, it was very well received and was awarded a high grade. This just goes to show that if you are passionate about a subject then the overall result will be positive. » Read more

I have never been that interested in politics and am always disappointed at the outcome of general elections. Even though I was able to vote this time (as an Australian citizen) the result was virtually a foregone conclusion. Most countries including Australia are dominated by two major parties. That is why smaller independents (normally with better ideals) find it very hard to find a voice. The same comparison can be found in the world of horology, which is governed by a few groups. These corporate own a large majority of the overall marketing share It was that reason I developed a passion for smaller watchmakers like Kari Voutilainen. » Read more

Recently my ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book was featured in the New York Times. It was a huge honour to have a detailed review written about this publication because the project was immensely enjoyable. The journalist who interviewed me is a highly professional British lady called Melanie Abrams. We spoke in depth about the brands included and why I embarked on the project in the first place. I explained (as watch designer) it fascinated me how companies go to enormous creative lengths to create extraordinary timepieces. A great example can be found in luxury label Christophe Claret. » Read more

Every month I meet up with a good friend of mine called Mario for a coffee and a chat at a local café. He’s a chiropractor and general fitness fanatic who is also pretty obsessed with design. Therefore, the conversation normally revolves around architecture, luxury lifestyle and horology. Today’s topic focused on my (soon to be released) ‘Independent Watchmakers’ book, which feature 62 exclusive brands. Mario was fascinated to hear about the project because he now is addicted to his Apple Watch. This device certainly has revolutionised the watch industry and had an impact on sales. However, at the entry level spectrum of the market there are still some very stylish affordable timepieces on offer. A great example can be found in ASTBURY & KENT’s new Stellaris Range. » Read more