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Recently I have completed my portion of a book I am co-writing with my US based editor Cheryl. The book is specifically about Australian Architecture and why it is so extraordinary. In the scheme of things Australia is a relatively young country in the context of modern development. It hasn’t got the grand historical buildings or temples found in regions like Europe or Asia. However, it does have some of the finest and largest contemporary residences in my opinion. » Read more

My seven-year-old son (like most boys of his age) is absolutely crazy about cars. From a very young age he has developed an ingenious talent of being able to recognise a car by just a glimpse of its headlight. That is why he is really excited that Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures have released a third instalment of the Cars franchise. The story focuses on how former hero ‘Lightning McQueen is now overshadowed by newcomer ‘Jackson Storm’. Interesting massive technological advances in the automotive industry are integral to the films plot line. Back to reality UK company Bristol Cars have embraced these changes with a revolutionary new version of their Bullet. » Read more

Over the last few years I have amassed a pretty respectable watch collection. Certainly I feel privileged to own timepieces that I could only have dreamed about a few years ago. Compared to many serious collectors my selection is pretty humble and contains no complications. I met a Singapore entrepreneur a few years ago who has a staggering gambit of around 250 watches. He stores them in vaults in customised cases (of 25), which he deposits on a monthly basis. As they are all mechanical he also needs a pretty decent watch winder (or several) to keep selected models running. » Read more

What I have noticed about living in Australia is that people are fanatical about their coffee. In Adelaide, where I reside there is a boutique café called ‘A Mothers Milk’ that serve single origin coffee from around the world. On one occasion I even got to try a very special brew from Tasmania. As well as a broad variety of independent eateries there are many exclusive retailers selling bespoke machines. Therefore, customers can enjoy this wonderful beverage in the comfort of their own homes. » Read more

Even though we live by the lake, myself and wife were interested in the idea of building a pool for our 7-year old to swim in. Essentially this meant we could keep an eye on the little fella while entertaining. Unfortunately, because access is really restricted and our plot is fairly small we were limited to a bespoke concrete pool. Essentially to create what we wanted would involve hiring a massive crane and that would incur astronomical costs. In the end we decided the project wasn’t financially viable so we ditched the idea. Instead we decided to buy some really nice garden furniture including a recycled table made from Indonesian boats. However, in the first instance we did contact Austin Maynard Architects to find out if their phenomenal Zero Waste Table was practical for outdoor usage (which it isn’t). » Read more

Recently I completed my third book for my Publishing which is all about luxury goods products. The concept is very similar to my ‘Limited Edition Watches’ edition and features several unique products that have never appeared in print before. Even though most of the creations included are very exclusive, expensive and beyond the reach of most consumers (including myself) the focus was more about strong design. This is why I was particularly keen to promote the fantastic and innovative amplifiers by Kostas Metaxas. » Read more

Over the last 6 months I have been writing two books for a renowned Pennsylvania based publisher. One of the projects was a specialist edition about luxury design products and what really makes them special. Ultimately I have tried to focus on the immense creativity and enormous level of craftsmanship rather than just the monetary value. However, it is pertinent to mention that due to the exclusivity of these goods and high quality materials used in production they do come at a premium. One of the companies I have featured is Californian based DARWINmachine who specialize in handcrafted bespoke computers. » Read more

For many years now Apple products have been the envy of design conscious consumers. Even the fact that they are manufactured in China and the mark up is extraordinarily high hasn’t deterred buyers. Ultimately this is because all of their computers are beautifully conceived and have a modern minimalistic appearance. They are also fabricated from high quality materials like aluminum rather than plastic. » Read more