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Recently I employed a very successful photographer called Mark Spaven to take some professional images of my Polaris prototype watch. What really impressed me the most about Mark was his meticulous attention to detail. Every detail had to be absolutely perfect to achieve the optimum results. Therefore the allotted timescale we had originally agreed on completely went out of the window. Fortunately for me Mark is a true artist and didn’t charge me extra because the session ran over. Whilst I was at his studio I met one of his colleagues who is fanatical about watches. I informed him that as well as being a designer I also write about watches. This led to a lengthy conversation about many brands that most people (outside of the industry) will probably have never heard of. A great example is small independent watchmaker Revelation. » Read more

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Last week I published a review featuring RPaige’s wonderful Spaceview Duo Face watch. In the article I mentioned the fact that Richard Paige had introduced me to a fantastic design website called Touch of Modern. In fact he is selling some of his unique timepieces on there currently. A soon as I visited this portal I was hooked and instantly subscribed to their newsletter. Literally everyday I get to view new and exciting products created by emerging new designers. This is where I discovered a phenomenal watch brand called Division Furtive. » Read more

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Over the last two years I have extensively written articles about beautifully crafted watches. Some of these timepieces are so exclusive that there are only a few pieces in the world. A great example is the wonderful Greubel Forsey Diamond Set Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain. Presently there is only one model in existence and I was fortunate enough to test it. Although I only got to wear this amazing timepiece for a limited amount of time I was completely mesmerized by its charms. This made me seriously contemplate who actually owns these watches and what is the motivation to purchase them. After recent conversations with a few serious investors I now feel I have a clearer insight. » Read more


Jörg Hysek and Fabrice Gonet founded progressive watch brand Slyde. Both of these dynamic personalities have gained extensive experience in the industry and have worked for many renowned watch companies. Jörg’s creative input has been pivotal in the design of many projects for TAG Heuer, Ebel, Dunhill, Breguet and Cartier. Fabrice initially served his apprenticeship at Piaget then progressed to collaborations with Damani and RJ Romain Jerome. » Read more


Cathode Corner is a small company run on a part time basis by the enthusiastic (if not a tad eccentric) David Forbes. The company specializes in a diverse & eclectic range of products. It is fair comment to say some of these inventions are more effective than others. In my opinion the most successful creation by far is the innovative Nixie watch. Nixie technology has been around since the 1950’s & was originally used in computers, clocks & frequency counters. The watch has evolved over a period of 10 years in various incarnations. Ultimately the enigmatic Steve Wozniak has immortalized this piece by significantly raising its profile. He is said to own numerous models & has stated, “I would have loved to have invented that.”

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