A few days ago I had a very interesting meeting with a gentleman called Chris Clarke. I became aware of Chris after he appeared on the first ever episode of ‘Grand Designs Australia’. In fact, this particular episode was very moving because it chronicled his life after a devastating bush fire that obliterated his house (Callignee i). Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Chris built a much more modest one-bedroom version called Callignee ii. During our conversation, we discussed sustainable architecture and design as a model for the future. Certainly, Villa K by Paul de Ruiter Architects conforms to these standards. » Read more

A few days ago I had the enormous privilege to meet Dr Brandon Gien who’s one of Australia’s leading lights in the industrial design world. In fact, to many people involved in this field, Brandon Gien has almost rock star status. However, despite having a high profile status I found him to be a really warm and approachable guy. His speech at the ‘Good Design Forum South Australia’ was exceptionally well received. He focused on the importance of good design and its impact on society. How creativity and innovation can pay dividends. Certainly, as an artist/designer his message resonated with me because I always strive to produce something unique. These rules also apply to the ateliers I feature on Total Design including the talents of Romain Gauthier. » Read more

A couple of days ago I went attending the ‘Good Design Forum South Australia’. Overall it was amazing because it brought together Chief Executives, entrepreneurs, industrial design specialists and leading lights in the science world. Even better the event was situated at Flinders University at the historical defunct Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant, which is presently undergoing a mammoth regeneration programme. One of the keys speakers was Murray Camem, who has worked with iconic British designer Terrence Conran, global electronic giant Phillips and Boeings primary partner Teague. His credentials are exceedingly impressive but what really resonated me was one of Murray’s childhood pictures of him sketching. This illustrated that even the most ambitious concepts start from humble two-dimensional drawings. » Read more

Last week I featured an amazing New York inspired residence (11, Warrawee Dock)
in the Adelaide suburb of Port Adelaide. This area is tipped to be one of Australia’s property hotspots of 2019. It isn’t really surprising due to an abundance of brown belt land that enjoys phenomenal waterfront views. This year one of the regions most prominent developers (Starfish Developments) are planning to build 750 dwellings. The project called Dock One mainly comprises townhouses and apartments. On a personal level, I would be interested in one of the 3-storey residences with a roof garden. I have even approached the owner to see if I could customise one to my own specifications. The reason that I mentioned this is because many people who live in rural South Australia might even contemplate purchasing one as a holiday home. Instead of buying investment properties many people are considering this an option. » Read more