Over the last few months I have been writing three different books about a range of different subjects. One of the projects focuses on independent watchmakers and their fine achievements. Ultimately what I want to illustrate is what makes these artisans so special. In many instances they work in converted workshops at home, which I imagine, could be quite an isolating experience. There is also the factor that freelance work of this nature is very precarious, especially concerning finances. However, this doesn’t seem to stifle creativity and some of the timepieces I am featuring are absolutely magnificent. » Read more

Recently I have completed my portion of a book I am co-writing with my US based editor Cheryl. The book is specifically about Australian Architecture and why it is so extraordinary. In the scheme of things Australia is a relatively young country in the context of modern development. It hasn’t got the grand historical buildings or temples found in regions like Europe or Asia. However, it does have some of the finest and largest contemporary residences in my opinion. » Read more

From a very young age I always dreamed of visiting New Zealand and fortunately this became a reality last year. Originally as a family we were going to hire a Winnebago to access the North and South Islands. However, after much consideration we opted to go on a 15-day cruise. This proved to be a great decision because on arrival to this magnificent country we got to experience the spectacular Milford Sound. These Fiords located in the southwest of the South Island are an outstanding region of natural beauty. They are also home to fur seal colonies, penguins and dolphins. » Read more

Over the last few years I have written numerous articles about exquisite watches and developed a rare insight into the politics of the industry. So many marketing executives that have worked for the large corporations have subsequently left to pursue careers in entirely different fields. Interestingly these people wanted full editorial control of my reviews, which obviously I didn’t consent to. It wasn’t so much about the fine timepieces but more about the message they wanted to convey. I can relate to this to a certain extent (because at the end of the day it is a business) but there also has to be a degree of passion. This is why I have always gravitated to smaller independent watchmakers like Torsten Nagengast. » Read more