In the last few years I have been very privileged to work with some highly professional publishers and editors. They have given me enormous creative autonomy and allowed me to develop unique book concepts. Recently I have finished a book about independent watchmakers featuring 60 exclusive brands. The foreword is exceptionally detailed and includes my personal experience creating unique watches like the Polaris and Pure Carbon. I wanted to share these insights with readers to illustrate the many challenges involved. Certainly without the enormous generosity of craftsmen like Frank Heydrich, Ben Birkett, Thomas Mond and Ingomar Gaksch my project would never have materialized.

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In my youth I really wasn’t that discerning about what went into my stomach. In fact, during my university years I frequented many fast food joints and consumed huge volumes of processed food. Ultimately I viewed this as a right of passage and was pretty complacent about the whole affair. The fact, I suffered from bouts of acne, lack of concentration and bloating didn’t seem to bother me. However, as a 50 year old father of an eight year old I strive to upkeep my general health and well being as an integral part of my life.

As I a writer, looking for interesting and unique content is a crucial part of my job. I also love fine food and in particular unprocessed products with natural ingredients. That is why the topic of Mānuka honey really fascinates me. Originally this variety of honey was introduced to Australia (Tasmania) and New Zealand by European bees. In New Zealand (where most of the honey is manufactured) regulations about labelling are very stringent. Essentially 70% of the overall pollen content should come from the Mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium). Here are a range of small craft producers that create the highest grade and most delicious variety of Mānuka honey available on the market. » Read more

Over the years I have become a lot more fashion conscious and take a pride in what I wear. It is not so much that I am obsessed with labels or trying to impress anyone else. However, since I have lost a massive amount of weight by eliminating gluten from my diet slim fitting clothes feel very comfortable. Ironically in contrast my eight-year old son has rebelled and now only wears sports clothes. » Read more

Over the last few months I have written several articles about Byron Bay’s phenomenal craft food industry. After speaking with a lot of small business owners I became massively inspired with their overall passion. Even though they are interested in making a living it isn’t their primary motivation. In fact, many of these artisans originally operated from home and made them for friends. The only reason their company’s expanded rapidly is because the quality of the produce is so extraordinarily high.

Generally, I like to include diversity when publishing articles on my website. I feel this is more interesting for the reader and the research is highly pleasurable for me. For that reason, I decided to expand these articles to also include drinks (alcoholic/non alcoholic). As you would expect Byron Bay also has its fair share of exciting and innovative beverage makers. Here are five exciting companies that produce some absolutely wonderful products. » Read more