A few years ago I visited Singapore specifically to get access to some very rare timepieces. At the time my website exclusively focused on horology and so visiting this region was a prerequisite. Orchard Road in the CBD (Central Business District) is one of the most opulent retail locations I have ever encountered. Certainly this vicinity is exceptionally glamourous and amazingly clean. A lot of the products in the shops were well beyond my budget although, in contrast there were restaurants in close proximity where you could eat a nutritious satisfying meal for $3. Ultimately this why Singapore is considered one of the most desirable locations in the world to live.   » Read more

Recently I was commissioned by Schiffer Books (who is based in Pennsylvania, United States) to write a book specifically about Australian architecture. Even though this region has a relatively small population (considering the vast land mass) it really does boast some of the world’s finest residential homes. Over the years the scale of houses in Australia have reached epic proportions and even overtaken properties in the United States. However, my publisher was very keen to include a wide and diverse variety of dwellings of all shapes/sizes. » Read more

As everyone is aware the watch industry (in general) is experiencing a pretty turbulent time. In fact, within the corporate domain it is a musical chair type of scenario. By that I mean senior executives are moving from one company to another on a frequent basis. Ultimately this instability probably doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in consumers. In contrast smaller independents seem to be flourishing with exciting innovative designs and very attractive pricing structures. A great example can be found in Hong Kong based brand CJR Watches. » Read more

As a designer I enjoy sketching various concepts for timepieces that I would love to develop. Certainly I will always be grateful to renowned Jet engineer Frank Heydrich for helping me to produce my Polaris. It really made me appreciate how difficult and expensive it is for brands to develop prototypes. Sure there are many Chinese companies that will supply generic style watches with a company logo. However, if you want to do something more experimental and interesting it becomes a lot more challenging. For example, I am presently working with an Adelaide watchmaker to create a very unique timepiece. So far this project has taken well over a year because none of the components are standard. If I had commissioned a Swiss manufacturer to make one sample the cost would have been astronomical. » Read more