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Urwerk UR-202

Urwerk founders Felix Baumgartner & Martin Frei must have a symbiotic relationship. Frei (designer) visualizes futuristic concepts via numerous detailed drawings then Baumgartner (watchmaker) turns them into horological architecture. This magic doesn’t happen that often & these masterpieces normally take two years to create. Every piece they create is an organic process, which requires dedication & patience. This explains the reason for the limited amount of pieces for each model.


The Urwerk UR-202 is a ruggedly handsome watch with futuristic features. It hasn’t been christened “The hammerhead” for no reason. The design is bold but also has a delicate charm & is very seducing to the eye. Like all Urwerk models there is also a choice of case materials: White Gold, Red Gold, Black PE-CVD Platinum & AlTin. It is also notable to mention there are two other versions available: UR-202S, which boasts an in house, designed bracelet consisting of 22 links. At 46.6mm x 43.5mm x 15mm this watch is definitely not dimensionally challenged. Despite that I found it exceptionally comfortable to wear without any protrusion from the lugs. Basically that’s down to the innovative styling & ergonomic design. I tried on the white gold version, which also felt pretty lightweight on the wrist. Personally I think it’s an amazing looking timepiece but concede it won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes.


Aesthetically the UR-202 is pretty mind blowing & this is characteristic of the brands original styling. The dial comprises telescopic minute hands operating through the middle of three orbiting and revolving hour satellites. These awesome telescopic hands can adjust their size automatically to display the time. I love the meticulous attention to detail. The bespoke shaped Sapphire crystal window displaying all this magic is marvelous. Also the integrated crown delicately positioned at the top of the watch is well conceived.


Like all Urwerk creations the engine used to power this time keeping device is phenomenal. Underneath the amazing facade lies the amazing calibre UR 7.02. This is the world’s first mechanical self-winding movement powered by a twin turbine regulation. The way this operates is spinning turbines force air through holes into a tiny air chamber. The selector switch controls the amount of air escaping from the turbines. By restricting the airflow, it increases the air pressure and slows down the turbines and the winding rotor. The turbines act as shock absorbers ultimately reducing wear & thereby increasing the lifespan of the movement. One of the coolest features of the UR-202 is that the turbines can be viewed via two crystal windows on the case rear. I found this totally mesmerizing.

This wonderful complication is complemented by a hand stitched alligator strap & is priced at: $172,400.


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