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Millage Rogue

When it comes to fine timepieces Millage isn’t the first name that springs to mind.  When I mentioned the company to contacts in the industry, most had never heard of the brand. Millage was established in 1997 by brothers Mike & Ralph Massih in Los Angeles. As owner/designers their objective was to produce an innovative range of unique luxury timepieces. Most of their designs are reasonably attractive if not highly original. The exception is the bold & distinctive Rogue.


The Rogue is a pretty formidable timepiece measuring a whopping 59mm x 45.5mm x 15mm. Also the chunky 316L stainless steel case & bracelet makes the piece feel quite heavy. Despite all this the Rogue felt very comfortable to wear. Basically this is down to the intuitive design of the watch & the Massih’s clever styling.  Admittedly a piece of these mammoth proportions isn’t going to appeal to everyone’s tastes. Personally I love large watches & I felt it made a really bold visual statement on my wrist. Ultimately this is a watch that will attract attention but definitely of the positive variety. While I was wearing the Rogue I received numerous compliments.


Fundamentally the watches key strengths lie in its classically sophisticated design. I love the octagonal black dial with contrasting white sub dials & twin date.  This exquisite styling clearly draws inspiration from the glorious ‘Art Deco’ period. The attention to detail is exceptional with every element of the design working in perfect harmony. Also the finishing is superlative. I was especially impressed by the satin-brushed steel case with monogrammed pushers & bracelet clasp. The company states that only the finest Japanese steel was used in the production of this marvel.


It is pertinent to mention at this point the $8,500 price tag of this watch. There is no doubt that this is a beautiful watch & in my humble opinion more alluring than a lot of its competitors. I just would have expected an in house Swiss mechanical chronograph movement at this price level. Instead the Rogue is equipped with a Swiss made quartz movement. On the companies website they are very vague on details like movements & the precise location of manufacture. I have communicated with them on several occasions & I found their answers were really ambiguous. Realistically I’m no clearer on these points than I was a few months ago.


The Rogue is a stylish & well-made timepiece displaying an enormous amount of character. If the company revised its pricing structure this watch would be a more viable option.


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