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If Money Was No Object

Like many people I have often daydreamed about the idea of winning the lottery. The following thoughts have entered my mind. What would I do with the money? Would I buy an expensive car, house, boat, plane etc.? I have also considered the many watches I would like to own. Ultimately there are so many beautiful timepieces available and it would be hard to make a definitive shortlist. Here are five examples that might tempt me to part with my cash. 

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon


Patek Philippe is synonymous for producing exceptionally high quality timepieces. With a history dating back 174 years to 1839, their wonderful creations are the envy of the watch industry. The magnificent Sky Moon Tourbillon is their most intricate timepiece consisting of 12 complications on two dials. This remarkable mechanism combines a minute repeater, tourbillon & perpetual calendar together in one movement. The oeuvre hand carved case constructed from luxurious white gold is sublime and is definitely designed for the connoisseur. I love the sensational dial displaying the incredible champlevé and cloisonné techniques of enameling.

Hautlence HL2.4


Swiss watch company Hautlence are recognized in the industry as a producer of high quality avant-garde watches. All their creations are beautifully conceived & finished to the highest standards including the marvelous HL2.4. Aesthetically the appearance of the timepiece is absolutely stunning and highly original. The dial on the watch is breathtaking, displaying the hours, retrograde minutes and power-reserve indicator. I also love the skeletonised view of the phenomenal in house developed complication. This mechanical marvel comprises 72 jewels and 552 hand finished components. The case is constructed from lightweight grade 5 titanium and measures a formidable 50 mm x 42 mm x 17.8 mm. Unbelievably this awesome timepiece weighs a mere 49 grams.



François Quentin has an impressive CV developing watches for Louis Vuitton and co founding Hautlence. His immense design talent combined with his passion for mechanics and computer science culminated in the formation of 4N. The MVT01/D01 is the company’s first creation and in my opinion is absolutely spectacular. This timepiece has evolved over the last few years and is still essentially a functioning prototype. Ultimately this wonderful creation will go into production in the near future limited to only 16 pieces. Essentially the watch comprises three sub groups of discs showing hours minutes and seconds. The really cool thing about this timepiece is the mechanical digital display.

Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical


The Winch Tourbillon Vertical symbolises an incredible feat of engineering from Swiss watch company Cabestan. This Iconic timepiece is one of the most exciting creations on the market. The futuristic design conceals the technically brilliant complication invented by Eric Coudray. This ingenious mechanical movement is operated by a miniature chain and fuse system that delivers a constant force to the vertical tourbillon. Apparently the timepiece is accurate to tolerances of +/- 1 second per day. Visually the watch is mind blowing and completely unique in appearance. The structural titanium case measures an imposing 46mm x 41mm x 16.5mm. This exclusive timepiece is limited to 135 pieces.

Franck Muller Aeternitas-mega-4


Luxury Swiss watch brand Franck Muller was established in 1991 by its namesake and Vartan Sirmakes. Over the last 22 years the company has designed and manufactured a series of quality timepieces including the majestic Aeternitas-mega-4. This watch proclaims to be the world’s most complicated timepiece. The Calibre FM 3480 QPSE is a manual winding movement comprising 99 jewels and an unrivalled 1483 hand made components. Functionally the watch features a mechanical tourbillon, chronograph, perpetual calendar, equation of time and two additional time zones. This superb timepiece is encased in opulent 18k white gold and measures a colossal 61mm x 42.00 mm x 19.15mm.

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