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Ulysse Nardin Freak Phantom

Ulysse Nardin established his own company 166 years ago in the picturesque mountainous location of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1846 the brand has been honoured with over 4,300 awards in watchmaking, 18 of them gold medals. These incredible achievements have made them a leading light in the world of horology.


In 1983 Rolf W. Schnyder bought Ulysse Nardin and employed the extraordinary talents of Dr. Ludwig Oechslin to assist him with design/engineering. This formidable partnership has proved invaluable in the ongoing success & development of the brand. With the sad passing of Schnyder in 2011 Patrik P. Hoffmann has now become the company CEO. This transition has resulted in the production of a range of elegant and sophisticated timepieces including the magnificent Freak Phantom.


Originally the Freak was launched in 2001 and received enormous critical acclaim. The wonderful Freak Phantom is a 2013 version of this iconic watch recently released in a limited edition of 99 pieces. With a diameter of 45mm excluding the crown and lugs this timepiece is sure to make a bold statement. These dimensions should appeal to serious collectors and I would also imagine the piece would feel fairly comfortable to wear. Realistically a watch of this distinction is a luxury item and therefore wouldn’t be worn for daily use.


Aesthetically the façade of the Freak Phantom is unconventional and is devoid of a traditional dial, crown or hands. The overall concepts of the design are revolutionary and in my opinion pretty mind blowing. Minutes are displayed via a rotating flying tourbillon and hours/seconds indicated by arrows. I love the minimalistic skeleton dial that works in delicate contrast with the large gold numerals. The attention to detail is absolutely first rate and has been perfectly executed. Visually this piece is spectacular and the general theme is incredibly elegant.


Beneath the sublime 18-carat rose gold lays the technically brilliant caliber UN-208. The movement incorporates many innovations including a silicium (silicon) escapement and hairspring. This phenomenal mechanical engineering has been entirely created and manufactured in house. Functionally the Freak Phantom features hours, minutes, seconds, flying tourbillon and massive eight-day power reserve. I think the coolest element of this wonderful timepiece is the ease of use. The watch can be readjusted by turning the upper bezel and manually wound by turning the lower bezel.


Ultimately the combination of extreme beauty and cutting edge technology make the Freak Phantom exceptionally exclusive and highly desirable.

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