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Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon Black

In my previous article featuring the phenomenal SpidoLite II Tech Gold, I chronicled the history of Linde Werdelin. The editorial referred to the fact that the dynamic duo Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin established the company in 2002. It also mentioned that they only released their first range of watches four years later in 2006. What I didn’t explain is the enormous amount of research and development that occurred within that timescale. Primarily the creation that followed distinguishes the brand from any of its competitors.


Ingeniously Linde Werdelin devised a high precision digital instrument, which securely attaches to all the company’s watches. This amazing technical innovation is available in two models with a range of different colour combinations. The Rock is designed for skiing enthusiasts and the Reef for professional divers. Both have a USB facility to upload data and advanced LCD colour screens. These incredible devices are priced at CHF 1,200.00 and CHF1,800.00 respectively.


A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to try on a few Linde Werdelin watches including the wonderful Oktopus II Moon Black. This amazing timepiece was unveiled at Baselworld 2013 to a very positive reception. The watch measures 44mm x 46mm x 15mm which is chunky without being oversized. Generally I found the timepiece exceptionally comfortable and lightweight to wear. This is definitely down to the sophisticated design of the five-part case and choice of high performance titanium used in production. Ultimately this magnificent watch could be worn for any occasion and is robust enough for extreme activities.


In recent discussions with Morten and Jorn , I got a clearer insight into the methodology behind their design process. All their magnificent creations originate on the drawing board before progressing to 3D visuals. The stunning Oktopus II Moon Black marvelously highlights this point. I love the dial composed of three skeletonised layers. This gives the silhouette of the timepiece substantial depth and form. The moon disc is absolutely astounding and the attention to detail overall is first rate. Other meticulous details include the large bold numerals and distinctive blue diamond-cut hour/minute hands. There is also a beautiful illustration of an octopus by Morten Linde on the case back.


The Oktopus II Moon Black is equipped with Linde Werdelin’s first in house developed mechanical movement. Impressively the Calibre was designed and assembled at the company’s manufacturing facility in Switzerland. This intricate moon phase complication oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). Functionally the watch features hours, minutes, seconds and a truly mesmerising moon phase calendar. Essentially more of the moons surface is illuminated as it progresses clockwise through its monthly cycle.


As well as the magnificent Oktopus II Moon Black there is also an equally impressive Rose gold version (Oktopus II Moon Gold). Both watches are presented with bespoke high-end natural rubber straps. These amazing timepieces are limited to 59 pieces (47 black and 12 Gold). Prices range from CHF 12,500 – CHF 27,000 (approximately $13,611-$29,400)




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