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Torsten Nagengast Unique Repeater Watch 18k Diamonds

German born watchmaker Torsten Nagengast has harvested his lifelong passion for horology into a viable business. Initially he became an avid collector of luxury watches and then made the natural transition into trading. Subsequently he has established a company called TNT (Torsten Nagengast Timeline). This brands main focus is to produce a range of affordable high quality watches.


In recent discussions with Torsten he informed me that he had developed his skills from working relationships with serious collectors. I became familiar with his creations via Facebook and was completely seduced by his exquisite designs. Presently social networks are proving an invaluable marketing tool for many brands. I have wanted to write an in depth article about his watches for a long time and fortunately an opportunity has presented itself. The wonderful Unique Repeater Watch 18k diamond is the subject in question.


The reason the Unique Repeater Watch 18k diamond originally caught my eye is because it displays larger masculine proportions than some of Torsten’s other models. I personally favour oversized watches as they make a bold visual statement. This amazing timepiece measures an imposing 49mm x 13mm (excluding the crown) which might not appeal to the faint hearted. The elegant shape and titanium case should make the watch lightweight and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. I can personally imagine this superb timepiece looking great with any outfit. As this piece is a unique and one of kind creation the discerning collector might want to reserve it for special occasions.


The appearance of this watch is absolutely mesmerising and exudes sophistication. Torsten has skilfully created a stylish three-dimensional dial with a plethora of design features. The skeletonised façade perfectly showcases the intricate mechanical workings of the watch. I love the attention to detail in particular the opulent second counter framed with diamonds. Other successful elements include the perfectly sculpted crown, 18k rose gold case inlays and the delicate blue hour/minute hands.


Beneath the elegant exterior the Unique Repeater Watch 18k diamond is equipped with a LeCoultre calibre dating back to 1908. This antique mechanical hand winding movement comprises 26 jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour. The amazing mechanism is also meticulously decorated with Geneva stripes and visible through the sapphire case back. On the function front the watch features hours, minutes, seconds and a quarter hour repeater.


The sublime Unique Repeater Watch 18k diamond is presented with a 24mm leather strap and is priced at 18,500€ (approximately $24,547).

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