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Montres Militaire MIL N°7104 Timothy John

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to review a magnificent timepiece by Swiss watchmaker Montres-Militaire. The model in question was the impressive Officier De Marine, an affordable diver watch entirely constructed from bronze. It was the first watch I have featured made from this unique material and overall I found the experience highly stimulating. The MIL N°7104 Timothy John is an exciting new release from the company that is limited to only 39 pieces.


Normally I wouldn’t write two articles about a similar watch within such a short space of time. On this occasion I am delighted to make an exception because I feel this superb timepiece warrants it. Montres-Militaire has employed the exceptionally talented artist Timothy John to individually paint each of the 39 dials. This gives the watch a completely different dynamic and makes them even more exclusive.


Over the last few weeks I have communicated with Timothy John in preparation for writing this article. What I have discovered is that we have quite a few things in common. We are both artists, regular contributors to Luxurious Magazine and reside in South Australia. Timothy has been exhibiting professionally worldwide for 34 years. Amazingly he is self taught, which makes this achievement even more impressive. His extensive skillset ranges from sculpting and painting to printmaking. With a huge passion for watches it was easy for him to make the transition into the luxury goods industry. As well as his collaborations with Montres-Militaire he has worked with ArtyA, Arthur Oskar Stampfli Watches, Montegrappa and EDELBERG PENS of Switzerland.


The façade of the MIL N°7104 Timothy John has a gothic appearance. In contrast to the Officier De Marine (which has a plain dial), this limited version has a stylised painting of a skull. Timothy has painstakingly ensured that each dial is a different colour and texture. The result is an original timepiece designed specifically for the collector. Apart from the hour, minute and second hands there is no other detail to detract from the artwork. In my opinion that only enhances the beauty of the watch. It also works in balance with the unique patina of the solid bronze case.


The MIL N°7104 Timothy John has a customised Sharkskin strap with a large size skull bronze buckle. Priced competitively at €3,160 (approximately $4,282) I would imagine these timepieces will sell pretty quickly.


For more information on Timothy John visit his website: http://timothyjohn.com.au

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